My poor severely neglected blog – what happened to this year? I almost feel this is when a new blog should be started, but then since I am writing so little, it makes sense to keep the same blog where it will still be ok to blog as little as I like.

Initially I thought I would discuss what we have been using for homeschooling, but it really is too late in the year now to start a curriculum post – we are mostly using curricula where we just move onto the next thing.

South Africa has entered another stage of Load Shedding. This happened in 2008 when L was just a baby, however there was light (I know, I know…) at the end of the tunnel. Now there is not much hope and people are settling into expected black outs of 2-4 hours duration 1-2 times a week at least. We have heard the sound of generators humming outside shopping complexes on certain weekends and seen many CLOSED signs while the traffic backs up at traffic lights that have stopped working. This was L teaching K to draw by candle night one evening.

K has been doing gymnastics at the same gym where L has now started competitive levels. Both girls are stronger and more balanced as a result of the gymnastics and both of them have grown in confidence.

K’s reading has come on nicely this year – no, she is not really reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid – she just wants to copy her older sister. She is reading very early chapter books and has a fair amount of stamina for reading for her age. She is still working on some of the more complex phonics, but is reading with a good amount of fluency.

My daughters went on field trips with other homeschooling families while I was working and continued some of their school work during this time when staying with a friend of mine who also homeschools – I was very grateful for this help.

The girls did come to work with me once or twice however and learnt a lot while there.

In Science the girls have been learning about heat, insulation, the effect of pressure on heat. It lined up very nicely with our studies in SOTW3 where we were learning about James Watt and steam engines at the same time. This photo shows my girls being insulated in our cold winter weather.

Despite the lack of blogging and a very busy year, the girls have learnt a lot. We are planning a big move sometime next year and life will be chaotic in the months to come; homeschooling fits in very well with our lives as they are now enabling our children to learn both from books and from life. Obviously there has been a lot more going on than what these photos show, but I thought I would just touch base and let people know we have not disappeared.