We had to empty our pool again this year (we neglect it badly in winter) so the girls were really keen to swim while it was filling up and before we added the chemicals. This is when homeschooling is fun and when you realise that schooling can work differently. My girls have been trained that what Mom says goes when around the pool or they lose the chance to swim for quite some time which is why I could get them out the water and get them to do school in between swimming.

Very early on in the morning soon after the water had been turned on.

in water
L does not seem to feel the cold.

K in the deep end early in the day.

And time for some work – they ran around in the sun to dry and then towelled their arms before they came to do some work. L is doing her Maths in this photo and K has started writing worksheets to learn letter formation.


K then took herself to her bedroom and read a book independently (this is Ladybird 3c) School on your unmade bed while dressed in your costume.


L in the meantime was stirring up a concoction in the back garden.

L mud

I didn’t take photos of everything – since it was getting warm they had ice lollies and some fruit for a snack and I read SOTW2 to them during snack time. As the water got deeper and the children were actually swimming, they also got a lot colder. Then school work happened with towels draped around them.


Being diabetic I also have to keep checking my sugar levels to make sure I do not go low. They actually ran pretty well this day.


We moved the tables into the shade and L did her spelling and other language arts. We had done reading earlier in the day on the grass. L is reading The World around the Corner by Maurice Gee. K was starting Ladybird 5b. I also did some phonics with K who is working on the silent E and long vowels at the end of short words.


When I prepared lunch I brought K into the kitchen and she helped me dish up while working on Maths – how many plates do we need? If each of us has 2 spoons of tuna then how many spoons do we need for all of us? If L wants an naartjie and K wants a banana and I want an apple then how many pieces of fruit do we need and so on. We also did some patterning. K also heard a story and told me what it had been about while I wrote it down for her.


Then it was lunch time. L finished Reasoning and Writing C (extension 4) and while we ate I read them Jungle Doctor pulls a leg. And after that it was time to swim some more and then pack for gymnastics – they have back to back classes (K first then L) which end at 18:00 so after a late supper and a story both girls were really tired – it had been a busy day. However this type of day works very well for my eldest as she is very active and needs the physical exercise between the sit down work we do. I may continue this through summer though not every day.