The morning in pictures:

Not our usual breakfast, but at least the children ate this time.

Unit in BFSU on Fossils – making sedimentary rock in a bottle which the children both ran around the pool to shake up before allowing it to settle.
We also watered the vegetable garden and did a brief discussion for K on what plants need to grow and for L on why a vegetable garden is prepared the way it is.

Showing the already settled bits in her bottle.

L had to write some grade 1 assessment papers today as our year runs January to December and I want a record of the year in some form. She did the Maths and English paper today.

K while L was busy – not sure what exactly she was doing πŸ™‚

Checking on the settling sand and playing with the puppy

K drawing a picture – these antics on the chair remind me of L at the same age – and looking at today’s photos they do eventually learn to sit down (well some of the time)

Both girls read to me while we sat outside and had a snack. This photo was partly posed after the reading.

spring flowers
Examining some flowers coming up in the garden because it is Spring Day

logic problems
Back to work: logic problems and a numbers worksheet

sticker book
Both children do get one-on-one time while the other takes a break. K loves working with preschool sticker books so we did a few pages.

writing time
writing computer
This is Reasoning and Writing Level B’s extensions which I started with L a while ago that teaches factual writing from pictures. The lessons have been short and sweet – I show the pictures on the computer as I have been unable to get the books any other way and we are not using it as a full curriculum. We also did WWE2 later in the day.

phonics game
K plays this phonics game where I write out a few sounds and today some sight words and then get her to place a duplo block on the sound or word I say. Once she has covered them all she takes them off and then tells me where to place the blocks.

This was not the end of the day, but the end of my photo taking. A friend called and we went to a Nursery to look at flowers and feed the bunnies as well as look at other pets, rush around and play on the jungle gyms. Then we came home and trained the dog some and L finished the last of her Math with more outside play time until we began the bedtime routine, lots of read alouds and Bible stories.