Spring will start here soon. We are in the middle of a cold front right now though and it is bitterly cold (ok for where we live – people might laugh at me complaining of windy chilly weather when they will be experiencing blizzards in the near future). We planted a vegetable garden recently though my old dog likes to lie in the middle of it so who knows what will grow. Our one-eyed three-legged dog got picked up by someone who never returned him – we searched through shelters and phoned all the vets, and though the SPCA had had a call from the person who picked him up, they did not have her details and she never did return him. Having lost two dogs in a short space of time, I decided to get a young dog for L – her name is Lilly and she is digging holes in our lawn, chewing our wrists and devouring the children’s toys, but we love her and she is very sweet. (She looks guilty cause she is on the couch)



August has been a rough month for me. Work was crazy the few days I worked, my car broke down twice and is still in for repairs as I type this, the electricity company disconnected our electricity in error and though they admitted it was a fault on their part it still took 3 days to get it reconnected and numerous phone calls of complaint and then 3 days after they reconnected it we had a power outage in the area which luckily only lasted a few hours, but I was not impressed. K who was potty trained is again not… it may be the stress we have been under, but I will keep an eye on it just in case it is something else.

Despite August being rough there have been some fun moments and my girls have kept me smiling:

L face painting

in bed on the phone


Homeschooling did however move on even despite all these things. K is listening to an enormous amount of read alouds and her vocabulary is growing. She still has the speech and chewing issues she had before however and seems to have almost no appetite so I will have to look at that further. She has been doing more phonics, playing Brainy Blocks/Mastermind and continuing at a slow pace with MEP Reception.

L is moving through Reasoning and Writing book B and has started Writing with Ease Workbook 2. We continue with our own spelling and she reads a lot independently now though she is still reading to me daily too. She reached LOF Ice Cream and is now learning all multiplication facts though I have slowed right down with LOF as she needs to get the facts better memorised so that it is quicker for her. She did move on to Singapore 3a and that is going well.

Gymnastics is going well for both girls and we will soon be heading for the end of year competitions and end of year functions.