I worked a fair amount through June so the homeschooling slowed down for a bit and picked up again through July. It has been bitterly cold in our house and sometimes we went outside just to listen to stories or took the table outside so that we could do lessons there (our house is colder inside than out at midday in winter). The sun is now starting to rise a little earlier and set a little later again so we know spring will be on its way soon.

A number of things have happened this year involving our pets. Our three-legged dog (he lost the leg as a puppy before he belonged to us) lost one of his eyes as well – I still do not know how it happened, but we woke to him with a very sore eye and had to take him to have it removed. My daughter was very distressed, but her dog has recovered well and copes just fine like that – I just hope he will stay out of trouble now though.


My elder dog started getting very irritable lately and was getting arthritis as well as having a few sores (he bit his tail all the time chasing it round and round) and one day he bit my youngest daughter while we were out in the garden. I had her at the emergency room as the wound bled a lot, but she was fine. However I had to decide to put our dog down which was very difficult, but I knew things would only get worse because he was getting more stiff and more irritable and with young children I couldn’t take that risk. I miss him a lot and so do my children.

Tanis and girls

K has been at a paeditrician because I was worried about her speech and chewing and also the fact that she weighs barely anything because she eats so little. We are now seeing a speech therapist who tested K in her language abilities up to age 5 and said she was functioning quite fine up to there so she didn’t test further, however she does have articulation problems and could not even blow bubbles so now she does exercises for this and things are improving slowly. I am also working to get her to chew her food better.


In July L went to a Holiday Club at our church where she had a lot of fun. I think she was quite sad when it ended.

As far as homeschooling goes I have changed a number of things that we are doing.

K continues with MEP Math and just general counting and basic Math sums with items around the house. She read Put me in the Zoo recently and is now reading Little Bear. We continue with phonics from OPGTR but very slowly as K only does school when she wants to. She has started the 4 year old abcjesuslovesme curriculum having finished the 3 year old one recently. She is showing a lot of interest in writing and is learning letter formation when she requests it.

Here is a picture of doing Math while playing with the tyres in the garden – it used up a lot of energy!

tyre Math

Both children came to The World of Dogs and Cats with their friends and had a lot of fun. There were other domestic pets there besides just dogs and cats and they also had shows – the girls saw dancing with dogs and flyball.





girls at dog show

K has been doing preschool gymnastics at the same place that L does her gymnastics. She has been having a lot of fun with it.

L finished her gymnastics level and started the next level. This picture shows them at the warm up before the final testing for her level.


With L we started with Life of Fred late last year and she is now doing Honey and learning her multiplication facts slowly. She has almost finished Singapore 2B. She has also finished the first Logic Safari book and begged for the second one so we are doing that now and I still cannot keep up with her – she races through those and enjoys them a lot.

This is an image from her Maths workbook which she uses mostly for Life of Fred right now.


She still reads aloud to me though is reading more independently and has read a number of chapter books in quick succession. She started cursive handwriting recently and we are slowly moving through all the letter formation. We also started Reasoning and Writing B but are moving quickly through that and she is using First Language Lessons (an archived book) though again we take that very slowly. She is also doing a little creative writing and some narrations.

We are nearly finished BFSU1 and her understanding of basic scientific elements is very good – I will now need to look at BFSU2 and decide where to take her next. She continues moving through SOTW2 for history and I think I am learning more than she is.

My own personal news this year was that I managed to get an insulin pump. It has changed the way I handle the type 1 diabetes a lot and I am very glad I could get one. Besides the advantage of dropping the amount of injections I have per week from about 60-70 down to only 2, it is also easier to control and results in better sugar levels and I also do not have to do as much mental math as I was doing during the training for the pump but while still on injections. I have been on it now just over 3 months and I cannot imagine going back to daily injections.

girls at gym