I have never been very good at blogging – maybe my expectations for myself are just too high to actually get it done, or I am too lazy, or life really is just too busy. Nonetheless I guess writing every now and then is better than never.

My children have grown a lot since I last wrote in here – L started Grade 1 this year – well she goes to grade 1 classes at Sunday School and is in the 6 year old gymnastics class and K who would only be eligible for a grade 000 class starting next year is doing preschool activities at home with us.

I do not really have a set curriculum for L. This is what we have used in the first three months of this year:

English: We have done a few chapters of Grammarland including the worksheets (this was started last year and we continue slowly through it this year)

            : Reading: she reads to me a chapter a day of various books. So far this year she has read – Pioneer Cat, The Children of Noisy Village, Sable, In Aunt Lucy’s Kitchen, The Invisible Dog, Sophie’s Adventures

             : Read Alouds: I read to her daily and we have read many books this year – usually I am reading from at least 2 books simultaneously that are not part of other curricula she is doing. She also does hear poetry.

             : Writing – Laurana’s handwriting has improved a lot.  Her writing is a mixture of spelling words, dictation sentences, comprehension exercises, sentences for other subjects and some worksheets. At some point creative writing will start in more earnest. 

             :Vocabulary is done as part of reading and when I am reading aloud to her. Phonics is taught during reading as needed (it is seldom needed at this point)                  

              Spelling: We are doing the Dolch word list for spelling this year – I have arranged it phonetically and teach the associated rules at the same time and introduce any other words that follow the same rules at the same time. Mostly this is done through a precheck spelling list and then dictation sentences to practice any words she sticks on.


Maths: We are using Life of Fred and started Edgewood recently – she is still moving quite rapidly through them, but we just take it as it comes and will slow down as needed when we get to later books.

          She is also doing Singapore 2a which we have almost finished. We do move around multiple Math curricula and books though as needed both for depth and to give us a break when things have been heavier for a session.

Science: We have been using BFSU (Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding) more formally this year than last year – she does a worksheet or writes a key phrase/sentence after each lesson and draws or writes up experiments we do, but it is still not a totally formal subject and we have a lot of fun with experiments and games.          

History: We are doing Story of the World 2: Middle Ages with some additional reading and the occassional colouring page or worksheet. Again this is not formal and mostly is done as a read aloud with some map work to explain where the countries are.

Afrikaans: I am teaching Afrikaans as a second language though we have not done much of this and I need to improve the teaching and decide what it is I want her to learn this year.

Geography: We have been reading A Life Like Mine, geography is also covered in the science curriculum above and my husband does “Map Monday” with her where he teaches her a country of the world and the news associated with it (this is current events too) in a child friendly manner.

For Bible we are still reading through Leading Little Ones to God and I will make further decisions when we get close to finishing it.

We also use Easy Peasy Grade 2 and Year 2 curriculum though not totally – we do the activities I think are appropriate for her and that add to our other curricula or are additional subjects that would not have been covered otherwise.






K is using two curricula at present: We use the 3 year old abcjesuslovesme.com curriculum as a continuation of last year and she is doing Easy Peasy Getting Ready 1. She has also recently started MEP Reception for Maths, though we have not done much on this yet.

I am also teaching her sight word reading as well as phonics and she is reading both I see Sam Books (we have got as far as Book 10 to date) and The Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme where she is on Book 3a at present. I see from other posts that we did these books last year, but decided to repeat them and start again after a long break – it was the right decision. For phonics she can blend cvc words as well as words with beginning and ending blends (and this despite the fact that her speech is not yet very clear) so at some point when I think she is ready we will have to move to the consonant blends and also the long vowel sounds and see how that goes. I did teach her EE and SH the other day with a fun game that had her shrieking and laughing, but have not seen if she can apply it to words yet.

We read aloud to her from 3-15 books a day depending on how the day is going – its probably usually closer to the smaller number.

Both girls are attending gymnastics classes and they also attend a chess group and a homeschooling group all once a week.