Since I really struggle to get my camera out during school, I decided to take it out for a full day and snap photos all day and then I could ignore it for the next few days. Most of the photos in this post then come from one day of homeschooling. (And this was a day they requested to wear matching clothes if you are wondering) I did add a few extras we took at other times in the last two weeks at the end of this post too.

Our day starts with the girls playing (usually alone while I get the other child dressed and see to breakfast), saying goodbye to Dad and then we eat breakfast together before any schooling starts – we usually start at about 09:00. This particular morning L was brushing her hair and playing with toys in her sister’s room. Riding motorbikes also happens all day in our house (and outside our house) by one or other of the girls – sometimes even around the dining room table.


After breakfast we started with physical education – a fancy term to mean run around and burn off some energy as my eldest in particular is very active and needs to move a lot before she can sit down even for a short time. During this period we run, hop, skip, play certain games, do ball skills and work on gross motor skills with K also.

phys ed

We then went indoors and did our Bible lesson. I am using with both girls – the age 2 and 5 curricula. It means that both of them actually do two Bible stories a week as they both listen in on each other’s lesson and I just have not yet figured out a way to do one lesson with both of them – but no one is complaining so that is ok. Usually they colour or paint a picture or do a craft for the lesson. This week’s lesson was on the Ten Lepers and being grateful.


L then had a break while I turned to K who had been riding around the motorbike for a while. I did some word flashcards with her – she is reading book 2a of Ladybird now, but we still use the flashcards quite often.


We then moved on to science – we are doing different biomes and had started with the desert so I did a craft with both children of a cactus at sunset.


And then we had a quick snack and some play time. The reason K’s face is covered in pink stuff is that I had bought dragon fruit at the shops and they were trying it for the first time – K loved it. L – not so much.

dragon fruit

After that I did reading with L – she was reading Tippy Lemmey and because she reads on my lap we posed the following photos – K’s not quite up to taking photos yet. 🙂 We also worked on two digit addition with borrowing using manipulatives.

Tippy Lemmey

After another break, we started doing more science – I set them up painting a desert landscape – L also painted a world map to show where all the deserts are. While they were busy I read a whole host of books to them – short sections in many of the books about deserts and desert plants and animals and also some fiction and poetry that was related in some way to the topic.

desert landscape

K was so taken by all the books that I found her literally pouring over a particular book later that morning.


L went off to play outside and I made lunch with K in attendance.


After lunch L did a quick handwriting worksheet and then the girls got changed and ready for dance class. The girls wanted to pose for photos before the class and then since we arrived early at the dance class I let the girls play around on the jungle gyms.


After dance class, our day was pretty much over and the rest of the afternoon and evening was spent playing.

Here are some more things that we have done during homeschooling in the past couple of weeks:

1. Drawing Nasca lines in our back garden after reading about them in SOTW1. K also enjoyed this activity.


2. Finding some desert plants on a walk around our block.


3.. Visiting the yebogogga underground science exhibit at Wits University.

L with a stuffed leopard.

Brushing sand off a “fossil” to identify it.

While this exhibit was mostly for older children, K did enjoy digging for fossils and also making dinosaurs out of play dough and colouring what was supposed to be a prehistoric creature.

4. Using up an entire tube of children’s lipstick in one afternoon. (They were both in on it.)