I am just going to jump back into this and forget the apologies for neglecting the blog.

Winter is almost on us, the rain has mostly stopped, our swimming pool is no longer in commission and homeschooling (and work) continue. Valentine’s Day and Easter have also come and gone.

Sometimes it feels like we are not moving ahead, but when I look back I can see how much we have done.



L is almost finished the first book of Horizons 1 and has a couple more chapters to go in Singapore 1b. I will probably have to rewrite some of Singapore to teach South African money – my daughter asked me if something in the shops cost a certain amount of dollars recently. We have successfully started both multiplication and division using manipulatives and she seems to understand the concepts. She has not struggled with the Singapore Word Problems we have been doing now either.

English/Langauge Arts

We have been continuing with a self made spelling programme with dictation and L is doing alright with it though needs a fair amount of repetition to get a rule down. Her spelling has certainly improved since the beginning of the year however.
My husband went to America in March and brought home a lot of readers and other curriculum. L is now reading many of the grade 3 Sonlight readers and I also supplement with books at the same level that we already own. She is managing independent reading better now too and seems more keen on reading – I am guessing that it is because the stories she is reading interest her more now. Her reader at the moment is The Littles.
For creative writing we have been playing around trying to find something that works for her. She is not very keen to put pencil to paper though is quite capable of writing sentences. I do occassionally make her write some sentences for science or other subjects and she often draws pictures and writes something. More recently I started the Scott Foresman Grammar and Writing programme for Grade 1.
For handwriting she has been learning manuscript in lines and is doing well with this now. She has moved to copywork of short sentences.
Vocabulary is done when she is reading her books to me or when I am reading to her and I feel this is enough for this age.
I continue to read aloud to her daily. The latest two read alouds have been Mr Galliano’s Circus and The Return of the Indian along with numerous picture books and other books from the library.

Second Language

I am starting to teach Afrikaans using just a picture dictionary at the moment. I am still trying to research and try methods to determine what will work best here. I have also not yet looked at any curricula.


We have continued with SOTW 1 and are now somewhere around Chapter 26 – just finished with Ancient Greece. We have done a few projects and played a few games depending on L’s interest. I also continue to take whatever books I can find in our library about the topic as these also interest her at times.


My husband brought back an Usborne Sticker book on Explorers and both girls enjoyed this. I showed L where the explorers had travelled on our world map and she learnt a number of countries as well as a general lay out of the map this way. We also did Map Work and worked on the Earth’s spin, day and night (sunrise, sunset), North, South, East and West, labelling, drawing and following basic maps. We are about to start a unit on biomes which has a heavy geography focus. Today she painted a map of South Africa’s biomes as a start.


We continue to use BFSU 1 and have covered a number of different topics including the ones listed above under Geography. We also covered food chains and life cycles.

Art, Music and Sport

L has been attending a dance class once a week. I would like to find another activity for her to get involved in as she could do with more time out of the house. For music we listen to youtube videos and sing many mornings and we do arts and crafts related to any of the subjects above. L is now more keen on arts and crafts than she was a year ago.

Playing soccer with some boys at church.


We have been working through the 5 year old Bible curriculum from http://www.abcjesuslovesme.com

K’s progress

K has been moving nicely through http://www.abcjesuslovesme.com 2 year old curriculum. She seems to have all her colours down now and knows a large number of shapes. Her speech has come on nicely and she is communicating better. She has also been reading to me and has made her way through both book 1a and 1b of Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme. We have started book 2a recently but are taking it slowly as the smaller print size does seem to slow her down. I am also only ever having her read to me when she requests it which is not everyday. She still counts 1,2, 8, 9, 10 though occassionally we do get 1, 2, 3, 4 out of her. She does understand quantity to some extent. She is able to do 35 piece puzzles with minimal help.

puzzle girl

K is growing up – she’s got more demanding, throws more temper tantrums, but at the same time loves to take part in everything. She is in many ways more independent than L was at the same age and wants things done her way most of the time – she chooses and dresses herself (with some help) and likes to help with whatever I am busy with.

Despite growing up K is still a tiny wee thing who fits into a doll’s pram (and loves it)

K's shop
Kirima wanted her own shop after reading about Jane’s shop in Ladybird book 1b

Some photos of the girls:

two girls

tall slideslidesliding