I didn’t get many pictures of the children this week but here is a brief look at what we got up to:

Early in the week we read the story of Jesus being baptised and then later in the week L read the version of this story from the Beginner’s Bible to K. We discussed how Jesus is God’s Son and L said: “Jesus is our brother, but why then aren’t all other people our brothers and sisters?” so we spoke about how people can be our brothers in Christ. L did two crafts on different days – one a picture of John the Baptist baptising Jesus and the other a picture of the dove.

dove art
She used blue glue and tissue paper to make feathers on her dove.

I printed L some word problems from Resources for Daniel’s Duck – which was her reader last week. The word problems were beyond what we have covered in Math and I debated for a while on whether to try them at all, but decided I would show her two or three at the beginning of the week and see how she coped and stop them if they were too difficult. She really enjoyed doing them – whether it was because I let her cut and stick, use whatever manipulatives she liked or just that she did have to think harder than usual, I am not sure. The problems gave her a first look at multiplication (which we did with addition) as well as a first look at adding numbers in the hundreds. I did try to get her to explain how she got her answers as many times she just told me the answer without any apparent working out. Because I had added this to this week’s Maths we did less Horizons and Singapore Math than usual.

Language Arts/English:
Our read aloud for the week was The Indian in the Cupboard. I was not sure what L would think of this book or if it might be a bit violent for a 5 year old girl, but she loved it and this evening I was told by her: “I big chief. You read more.” We will probably finish it some time next week. There has been a lot of opportunity to work on vocabulary while reading this book to her, but despite not explaining very much to her she seems to have followed the story fairly well. Her reader this week was The Wrong Letter. We did a little grammar this week and are working on adding full stops/periods to sentences but it seems to be a work in progress. For creative writing I just got her to draw a picture of what she remembered from Daniel’s Duck and write something about it. In spelling she moved to practising CVCC and CCVC words – since she has not yet had a problem with these words we will move through this section faster than originally planned.


We covered Chapter 14 of SOTW1 dealing with Moses and the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. We set our own baby Moses afloat in the pool and had Miriam and the princess discussing what was to happen to him after he had been saved from the pool. We also watched:

baby moses
Miriam, Moses and the princess

We continued our discussion of energy sources and outputs and discussed what options we had for getting energy if we had no electricity. L had to draw a picture of a campsite where there was no electricity but we lost track of science when Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer along with Santa in his sleigh were seen delivering presents to the campsite. “Science does involve magic, Mom,” was my daughters comment.

Phys Ed:
L started dancing this week. She is still anxious to leave my side so I stayed with her for the lesson – hopefully she will settle in soon enough. We also spent the first half of the week in the swimming pool til the rains arrived.

Arts and Crafts
L watched and copied one of Mark Kistler’s Mini-marshmallow art lessons adding her own flair to her picture at the end. Besides the art as part of her curriculum we also made a polar bear with cotton wool fur and sea and a picture of ocean life with bubble-wrap sea.

make a polar bear
cake picture

This week was quite a full week despite the fact that I was at work on Wednesday. Next week may be a very light week depending on what my own work demands are.

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