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K will be 2 in February. She loves to copy her sister and joins us for any school activity we are doing except for the rare times when she actually naps, so I started her on the ABCJLM 2 year old curriculum this week.

tot schoolagain

We do not have the book Llama llama red pyjama and our library has been closed over Christmas time (and I doubt they have it anyway) so we read Clifford the Small Red Puppy instead and watched Llama llama on youtube instead. K is not very taken by TV and does not watch much that I try to show her unlike her sister at the same age, but she does enjoy books a lot so we read many during the week.

K has been listening to the stories read to L since she was born and I plan to start reading Sonlight’s P3/4 curriculum to her next week. She has the ability to listen to more advanced picture books than L did at the same age, possibly because she has been around us when we have been reading chapter books so I think she will enjoy the stories but we will take it as it goes.

We spoke a lot about circles and she coloured in and painted one this week. She does already know the circle shape so this was review. We found circles while out shopping and also went on a circle hunt around the house.

red circle

The colour for this week was red and we pointed it out everywhere. She sponge painted a red balloon and also painted a stop sign – I was quite impressed by how well she tries to stay in the lines when painting.

red balloon

She went to the Irene Dairy Farm with L on Tuesday and had a lot of fun looking at the calves. She also climbed the jungle gym all by herself and Mom had to rescue her before she tried sliding down the fireman’s pole all by herself too.

K at dairy

She spent a lot of time in the pool this week and climbed onto the second step by herself and poured water over her head – something she has been quite anti about up til now. We also played putting out the fire which she enjoyed a lot.


1. Draw a ladder on an area of concrete with chalk.
2. Add a chalk fire at the top of the ladder.

put out the fire

3. Get a bucket of water and a sponge.
4. Encourage your toddler to wet the sponge, “climb” the ladder and squeeze the water out onto the fire.

put out the fire now

5. Continue until the whole fire is “out” (usually the ladder is gone by then too else let them erase that too)

I showed her the letters a-g (small print) and told her the sounds they made many times this week and we also worked on some sight words. I am putting up a sentence every couple of days for her to read and when asked she (usually) will fetch me the word I ask for. We also read her alphabet book many times this week. I am only teaching my daughter the sounds the letters make and not their names right now – when she plays on Starfall however she does pick up some of the names.


Toys she played with this week included:

L’s marble run – K has a lot of fun sending marbles down this.

marble run

Coloured cotton reels that can be threaded (she needs some help with this)
Her kitchen set as well as kitchen containers for pouring with in the pool.

kitchen set

Anything else that she can get her hands on šŸ™‚ She helped to wipe down the white board and she loves helping to make lunch, attempting to butter bread and counting whatever it is we make. The number for the week was one so we made an apple tree and stuck one apple on it. We read a numbers book that counts to 5 a number of times this week but counted anything and everything.


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