Our public schools went back this week after the summer holidays and most of the private schools start next week so we began homeschooling again this week. On Monday we gave Laurana some school supplies and took her and K out for breakfast. My husband took the day off work and came with us to celebrate school starting.

grade R

Here is what L got up to the rest of the week:

I am partly following the 5 year curriculum from ABCJLM so this week we spoke about the Trinity and particularly about God as our Father. L coloured in a worksheet about the Trinity and also drew a picture of herself in a mirror as a Child of God. K is doing the 2 year old curriculum so we stuck to her Memory verse and learnt Genesis 1:1.


L continued with Horizons 1 which she started at the end of last year. She wrote her first test at the end of this week and I left her to do the entire thing independently helping only when she asked me to help her read the last questions instruction. Except for reversing two 3s she did very well. We also continued with Singapore 1b where she is doing numbers to 40.


Language Arts/English:
L read only one section of Reading for the Gifted Student Grade 1 and then we moved to reading Daniel’s Duck which she read over the next 4 days. I read Ramona the Pest to her as a read aloud which seemed a good story to begin kindergarten with. We are doing some grammar with DoDEA but only did it once this week as it is not a top priority for me for this year and she is picking up many of these skills in other work. She did some dictation sentences for spelling and continued with the l,f, s doubling rule as well as ck endings. For handwriting we are slowly working through the letters that only take up one line when writing in lines. For creative writing I have been having her draw a picture and write a sentence about whatever she draws – we did this twice this week.

L continued to listen to SOTW1 and we read about King Tutankhamun and made a mask and then danced to King Tut by Steve Martin. K was sleeping when we made the masks so I made her one so she could also dance when she woke up. We also watched a Youtube video showing some of the treasures that had been removed from the tomb.


We covered unit C3 of BFSU – Potential and Kinetic energy. I set out a number of toys and let both girls play with them before we discussed the energy involved. The marble run was very popular and L wanted to play with it all week. She also had a balloon powered boat as a late birthday present which was perfect for this science topic so they played with that too. Then L decided to combine all the toys and dragged the ramp and ball outside to roll things into the swimming pool. If anyone knows where we can get a good spring-powered toy then please let me know – we had a spring, but trying to play with it proved a little dangerous and needed a lot of supervision.

marble run

Since BFSU is meant to be used over 3 years (K-2) and we have been enjoying the energy units, I decided to cover energy in more detail and we used some of the worksheets from Mr Collins Grade 1 Science which we will continue to use over the coming weeks.

science worksheets
Dressed as a fairy during school just because she could!

Phys Ed
We had a heat wave this week so spent a lot of time in the swimming pool. L has become very happy swimming underwater and jumping into the pool and is also swimming lengths. We worked a little on breaststroke, but mostly we just enjoyed the time in the pool. L will be starting dancing next week – most sports have not yet started again after the holidays yet.

Why our pool looks so green in these photos I do not know – it actually is blue(ish) in real life!

Arts and Crafts
L did quite a bit of drawing this week and later in the week asked to copy some drawings from How to draw websites (this one) but this caused her some frustration so in the end I let her watch Cbeebies get squiggling and copy the drawings from there. She also asked to make glue and we combined flour with some water and food colouring then painted it over a piece of paper and added glitter.

glue glitter

Visiting the Irene dairy farm with a friend.