We have had a busy summer and I thought I had better update this blog before heading into the New Year and the new year of homeschooling.

We went away on a camping trip in November and so homeschooling took a back seat. There was a heat wave when we went, but luckily the resort had plenty of pools and a waterslide. My husband and I both took L and K down the waterslide – the speed of it scared K though so we didn’t take her many times. L had learnt to swim with no flotation devices and eventually went down the water slide all by herself. K did not enjoy the cold water as much, but fortunately there were other pools which were heated – one very hot one and another that was lukewarm and which she enjoyed much more. As we entered the New Year L took off with her swimming and is now happy going under the water as well as jumping into the pool and swimming lengths.


While we spent most of our time in the swimming pools, L also learnt a little about playing chess on the giant chessboard – we need to keep teaching her as she was picking some of it up quite quickly and with her Dad and a man from the resort’s help managed to check mate her Mom twice! K was about as tall as a lot of the pieces, but still wanted to help move them. They also went for plenty of walks and jumped on the trampoline a lot.


K has been using the tablet quite a lot lately and enjoys doing dot to dots. She also uses it to listen to some stories. The children got a tablet for Christmas as there was a lot of competition over their father’s tablet. I often find L lying on the bed playing games.


In the last few weeks of November we continued with homeschooling before taking a summer holiday over December.

In Science L covered energy and did a great job of recognising things that used heat, light, movement and electrical energy as well as figuring out what energy forms changed into other forms of energy. We also covered gravity and had to explain where the centre of a sphere is so they could understand why we do not fall off the earth even though we are quite far south. While her aunt and cousin were visiting we went to the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre which all the children enjoyed a lot and we would like to visit it more during the coming year.


In Math L finished Horizons K and started Horizons 1 briefly before we took a holiday. Recently she has been playing Sumdog to practice her Maths facts.

I took L to the bird garden while my husband took K out for an outing. She enjoyed the outing and learnt a lot. She was also excited to see Santa Claus while she was there.


Christmas was good – we went to my inlaws for lunch and the girls spent a lot of time swimming and playing with presents. My sister and her daughter came to visit for a couple of weeks and L and her cousin had a lovely time together.


More recently we set up the schoolroom – we will probably continue doing school all over the house but it is nice to have a place to work and display things. L and K spent some time decorating the walls with pictures.


And that is a brief update of what we have been up to. L starts grade 0 (kindergarten) next week and I plan to use ABCJLM 2 year curriculum with K.

two girls