We have had good weather this week and spent a lot of time outdoors. L likes to ask to do worksheets outdoors but that does not work well, so I have tried to add in other activities that we could do outside instead. Here are some of the things we have done this week.

L’s Week

We read the story of Jesus in the Temple as a boy and I read it to her out of The Message and then we did a finger painting activity. We have been doing daily virtues (which have become a few times a week virtues rather) and worked on being teachable and honest.


We read chapter 9 of Story of the World Volume 1 – The first cities of India and then went outside and used dried grass to build a citadel – I know we should have used clay but this was so much more spontaneous and much quicker and also could be so easily adapted when it needed to be bigger or have more houses or whatever else we changed our minds about.

Can we use this for fortifications Mom?

A little later in the week we read the first part of Chapter 10: The Far East and examined our mulberry tree which has neither silkworms nor mulberries on it – we will go to a friends house and look at their silkworms however as we have probably left it a bit too long to have our own this year – I imagine the friends ones are spinning already!


L did B2 of Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding which deals with living and non living things – we also discussed how biological can mean once living and our fruit which was no longer living as it had been picked had to be moved back into the living/biological category. We briefly discussed resources and will go into more detail on this next week. We did discuss symmetry and detail of living things but will need to discuss this in further detail at a later stage.


Language Arts:
L read a number of books with me: The Three Wishes, Tom’s Hats, The Incredible Shrinking Hippo and we continued with some of Reading for the Gifted Student Grade 1 which we do a couple of times a week usually. I am continuing with spelling sentences with L and am using the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading to cover some of the phonics involved in spelling. I change my mind regularly at the moment about how to teach her spelling so will see how this goes, but L has been doing well with it and getting into a routine where she knows what to expect and feels more confident at the moment. For handwriting I am trying to get her to fix a problematic pencil grip – it is taking some effort. We have been reading Little House in the Big Woods as a read aloud and are almost finished. I also read her a number of poems from The llama who had no pajama which she enjoyed a lot.

We looked again at Handa’s Surprise and discussed the adjectives used to describe the fruit then went outside on a “journey” describing the places L choose to walk – “dark, spiky, large, green, damp…”

spiky Spiky – along with the expression

I also did a sentence writing exercise with her to show her how to build more detailed sentences – while she enjoyed the exercise at first when it was verbal she told me her sister gets to do all the fun stuff when it came to writing the sentence she had dictated – maybe we need to do more oral “writing” and expect less handwriting.

no photo She did not want a photo or to do the writing at this stage.

As we near the end of Horizons K I have given L more freedom to choose the pages she wants to work on each day – this may mean that she lands up doing a LOT of addition and subtraction together at the end, but I find this works as she is keen to finish the book and start a new one. We have also played a number of addition and subtraction games using polyhedral dice – she chooses two dice to roll and then adds (or subtracts) the numbers that show. She is becoming faster and faster and also much more willing to add larger numbers – she is showing a good knowledge of tens and units and great mental math just by playing with these dice. We did also try adding three dice numbers together and she managed well with this too. In Singapore 1b we have been doing graphs and she has a good understanding of these too.

polyhedral dice

Other activities:
L has been keen on building puzzles recently and will complete a 100 piece puzzle by herself insisting that we do not help her. We are going to be needing some new puzzles soon! Because it was nice and sunny L spent a lot of time swimming and we played a good many games outside. L seems to need to be kept busy as getting her to entertain herself for a short time resulted in the maths manipulatives being drowned.



drown the manipulatives

K’s Week

I decided to plan a few things just for K this week mostly to work on vocabulary so we used 1plus1plus1equal1 Tot alphabet A sheets and spoke about different types of fruits. I also cut an apple open for her to show her the seeds. Since it is summer here now we also tried a number of fruits that are new for her. I used cards to teach her about a few more different types of fruits and generally expand her vocabulary.


She requested the Peg and Play and also Hide and Seek shape games a lot so we worked on shapes. She enjoyed painting the shape sheet when I called the shapes out to her – she knows star, circle and triangle – the others are a bit more hit and miss.


K has also got very interested in puzzles and has started doing 8-10 piece puzzles almost independently (She will get about 4 pieces in correctly and then ask for help) There are a number of concepts that puzzles teach that she is still learning so I am often surprised that she manages to get the pieces in by herself – the fine motor alone is an issue though she seems to have good control, but she knows that a knob fits in a hole, but is not yet sure how to match up parts of a whole.


Her reading is coming on more rapidly now and she has a relatively good sight word vocabulary. I plan on introducing the words I know she knows in different font and sizes over the next few weeks as well as introducing more sight word vocabulary. We continue with short sentences and left to right reading of these words. She is starting to try to follow print in books now pointing to the words rather than the pictures when she wants me to read her something. We are still teaching her the phonetic alphabet and will continue this.

no No and yes are two of K’s favourite words to read at the moment – especially No!

K is starting to show an understanding of colour words now too though I am still unsure which ones she knows – she did seem confused the other day when there were two blue towels – one very light and the other dark and she pointed to both a couple of times once I had told her.

She enjoyed the games we all played outside and went swimming with me and L once this week – she is more hesitant in the water than L was at the same age, but is always keen to put her costume on when it is swimming time even if she doesn’t get in the water. She has also learnt to undress herself entirely – luckily it is summer!

ball play
cute girls