The last two weeks have been a bit different for me and the girls. I worked a full week from 29 October to 02 November which involved long working hours and so we did no formal homeschool. My mother-in-law babysat for us and the girls has a lovely time with her going for walks, swimming and playing games. I did find it difficult seeing them so little during this time.

work viewdoorSome views from work – not exactly helpful for getting photos of the children.

My sister and her daughter arrived on the Friday evening and we all went together to a homeschool expo where the two older girls got to play on the jumping castles and make some crafts while we looked at the stalls and went to a few of the talks. I felt after being there that I am happy with the decisions I have made regarding curriculum and my plans for next year and found the talks encouraging. It is also always nice to get together with people who are also homeschooling. K spent the time with me til my husband took all three girls home so that we could attend some more talks.

The girls watching a movie together at supper time.

L and her cousin, H, did some homeschooling at the beginning of the week – we did a few crafts with them and they continued with their own workbooks. They were both on a lighter schedule than normal however which gave them plenty of time for make believe play outside as well as time to swim and for us all to do some errands and shop. They left on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday L was complaining of a sore tooth so I took her to the dentist and they needed to fill one of her teeth which meant she needed some sedation as she was quite tense – she slept the entire afternoon and evening, though seemed brighter than she had in the short times when she woke up. K had a fever late on Wednesday night from teething and was sick all Thursday sleeping most of the day. She seems to be getting both her upper and lower canines and first molars top and bottom at the same time – poor little girl. It is almost unheard of to have both my daughters napping at the same time and I almost did not know what to do with myself – the house did get cleaned some of course although laundry was on hold because of a big storm we had that day.

A few of the things we did with the girls:

H read Discovery in the Cave so all three girls made a cave rock painting – they painted the background with sponges and various shades of brown and then stuck pictures of animals onto their backgrounds.

K's rock art
This is K’s cave painting – she needed some help to fully cover the page with paint, but did all the glueing and sticking by herself.

The girls built a whole city out of blocks and played imaginatively with their town until K knocked a few over.


H and L did an activity on Goldilocks and the Three Bears which involved reading, cutting, gluing and solving clues and then they decorated it. It is a free activity from Evan Moor Literature Sampler

Goldilocksthree bearsThis activity involved fine motor skills – folding, cutting, drawing when decorating as well as reading skills and both L and H did it independently – L needed a little help with the folding. They also did a story sequencing activity reading six sentences of the story and then sticking them in order.

They did a weighing activity comparing masses and a page of Singapore 1b together. The girls also played a game with our polyhedral dice where they would pick 2 of the dice from a bag, roll them and then add the numbers together. This gave a good proportion of easy vs difficult addition sums for the stage L is at as the dice ranged from 4 sided to 20 sided die (we had two full sets in the mix).

Singapore 1b

Both girls took turns reading a page each of Nate the Great and the Case of the Fleeing Fang and when it gave them an activiity to do we stopped the reading, drew a picture of a big dog being chased by two smaller dogs and they both copied the question: What is wrong with this picture? onto their pictures and then showed my sister what they had drawn.

We read the story of Gilgamesh and then painted a mixed up creature – we did mostly mixed up animals rather than half man and half beast like Enkidu and I showed L this video on Gilgamesh later in the week.

L did story sequencing with cards I had made for the story Handa’s Surprise and we spoke about adjectives. I will most likely continue this activity into next week.

With the girls asleep a lot on Thursday I also had some more time to work on their calender and got a lot of it done though it is still not finished. We now have a calender page for writing in numbers and most of the printables have been laminated so it should have better wear and tear.

K is showing more interest in the alphabet and knows a number of letters already. I am taking out different alphabet books from the library and she loves having these read to her pointing to the letters and saying the ones she knows.


I have also been doing some sight word reading with her using both Little Reader and some homemade cards – she knows all the names of her family and a number of other words. I have found that teaching her to read words by sight helps me to understand her better as her speech is slower than her sister’s was and she tends to leave off the endings of words a lot, however by hearing her say a word she is reading I start to understand more when she just speaks it without the word around. Picking which words to show her is a bit of an art form as she definitely learns the words that she wants to use in speech the fastest however I have started showing her sentences as well and reading them to her to show her that print goes from left to right.