K enjoyed having her Mummy home for a full week this week, nap times happened later than usual and were less routine and she spent a lot of time playing. I find it hard to have a theme for K because she joins L for so many of her activities – well all of them unless she does happen to be napping.

with dog
water play
She spent a lot of time playing with water this week.

We spent a good while this week working on shapes – K knows “star”, “circ” and triangle (she cannot say anything for that one though) and is starting to recognise a few others too. She played with a Peg n Play set and also Hide and Seek, another shapes game. We also reinforced colours while she played with these though she prefers to think about shapes rather than colours right now. In true Tot school style I left her to play and she built towers and rearranged and organised the shapes to her heart’s content.

Peg n Play
more play
huge tower

She’s known the parts of her body for quite a few months already, but I managed to get some photos of her showing us – usually she is not so obliging.

head, mouth, nose…

K did a fair amount of painting with L – while L was painting her entire body everytime I brought the paint out at this age, K prefers to stay cleaner and always wants to wash her hands once she is done. We had some cold putty (a bit like very watery play dough) that the girls played with and it took a while for K even to put her hands in it, but she did eventually enjoy playing with it (no pictures as it took too much of my attention).


K’s speech is normal according to most guidelines, however in comparison to her sister she has been slow to speak. While doing gases, liquids and solids with L, I read about how getting toddlers to blow through straws could also help with speech so I set up an “experiment” for L to blow into soapy mixture with a straw – she enjoyed it and blew very well.


K is showing an interest in the alphabet letters now and asked me to read her: A is for Africa a good many times this week pointing to all the letters in the book. She knows “M” is for Mummy, “D” is for Daddy and also that L and K are the beginning of her and her sister’s names. She even gets “P” for popcorn most of the time!

On the trampoline at the homeschool market this weekend.

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