This week has been quite crazy and I didn’t even work at all which meant we did have plenty of time for homeschooling. I really enjoyed the full week at home with the children however I developed mastitis later in the week which left me feeling a bit ill and my husband was stung by a bee which caused a bit of drama since he is allergic to them, however we are both on the road to recovery now.

I am in the process of making a calender to have calender time with both girls in the morning. So far I have not got very far, but L found me making some things and so we have begun our shape/colour/animal/sound/phonogram/virtue of the day without things being properly ready. Both girls though really enjoy this so I will have to continue to organise it a bit better and actually add in the real calender at some point and maybe label and laminate things. They don’t seem to mind how it is now however.

Yes, it definitely needs laminating – K keeps trying to pull everything off the poster and is taking some wear and tear.

L finished with the Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme a short while ago and since then I have just had her read books to me. We have read a variety of books at varying levels. Some of the more recent books she read to me were: The Big Balloon Race, Nina the Gobbledegoat and Nate the Great and the Sticky Case. Because these books are at a lower reading level than she is capable of reading at she is practising fluency and also practising reading longer passages slightly more independently.


We started Singapore 1b this last week and L has enjoyed having the scales out to practise comparing weights. I have found that she needs a lot of time just to play with manipulatives and so have started taking out the manipulatives just for play as well as insisting that when we are using them for maths that she use them correctly and can play with them when we are done. This has helped matters quite a bit and she does concentrate during the lesson time. We also continued with Horizons K which she should be finished in about 6 weeks time.

Playing with the balance scale

I spent the week trying different types of writing with L. I think at some stage we are going to need a curriculum to help with writing, but for now I am just trying to see what works for her. We did some journal writing this week where I gave her a sheet of paper with a large space for drawing and a few lines to write on – she drew a picture and then wrote whatever she chose underneath – I am still trying to figure out what is the best way to approach this as spelling is a big issue and she does ask a lot how to spell things but I do not want it to become another copywork exercise.


We did also do copywork – I have copied some sentences out of a few of her favourite stories over the past few weeks and left out high frequency sight words that she is learning how to spell – I then dictate the entire sentence to her and she copies it filling in the sight words be herself. I try with this to get her to work on her handwriting as when copying she is more able to write neatly and concentrate on where her letters go. At some point in the next few months I will probably try to get her writing in lines rather than on them.


And finally we also worked on spelling – I dictated some short sentences with easy to work on phonics in them and she wrote them down. We did not do all this every day as it would be too much writing for her and even when we did more than one kind of writing the sessions were split by a good few hours.

This was done over a number of days though she was tired when we did the last sentence and was battling to write a “p” correctly.

For science we worked on discussing the properties of solids, liquids and gases. L loves the hands on aspects of the science and remembers what we do and applies it well afterwards. We melted ice and made our own water cycle in the kitchen and we grouped items I had placed in jars into their categories. We also discussed how air is a substance that takes up space and has weight. Both girls love balloons so we had fun playing with them. We will continue with both topics in the weeks ahead as there are more experiments we would like to do.

water cycle
What happens when you do not pack your science experiments away as soon as you are done and you have a toddler in the house who can climb!

We also played a lot with magnets this week and learnt about the attractive and repelling forces of magnets and also that they attract various metals. We also learnt a little about magnets and hung up one of our bar magnets to make a compass.

L and K finished their art projects of painting the days of creation and read the creation story. For art we then moved on to some marble painting (and I took no photos of this as trying to keep paint in check is not my favourite activity and adding a camera to it would have just increased my stress).


L needs a lot of physical exercise and some mornings when things are crazy before I have even got out of bed I know we need to start with some physical exercise. Luckily it is almost summer and I can get them running around the garden fetching things, trying to turn cartwheels on the lawn and generally being busy even before breakfast. L is also swimming quite a lot although we had a bad hail storm last week and the pool is not looking as good as it should right now.

The pool is getting warmer but it is still rather cold!

In outside activities we went to a Moms and Tots group for K and then a homeschooling group where all the children spent the afternoon swimming – L even got some swimming lessons from one of the older girls. We also went to a market where children and adults had stalls to sell things and my girls had a lot of fun meeting up with their friends, jumping on the trampoline and seeing some animals.