We started BFSU with L recently and the first lesson we did was on categorising and organising things throughout life. With L I played a memory game where she had to remember 16 items that she could look at for a couple of minutes before they were covered up and then we sorted them into categories and saw how many more she could remember (she remembered more than double what she had the first time). I decided to include K in the activities because while she is too young for a formal curriculum she is not too young to learn and play with this concept.

One day she brought all her socks to me so I laid them out for her and got her to hand me the matching socks when I picked one up. She had a lot of fun with this so maybe she should start helping with laundry on a more regular basis.

sock sorting

I also wanted to see what she knew about colours so I gave her two colours of math blocks and had her sort them into two different jars by colour. She liked to put the wrong colour in the jar, say “Oh dear!” and then tip them all out and start again. We later did this activity with two different colours and later with up to four colours at a time.

colour sorting

K has also been interested in doing her puzzles lately and has got quite proficient at them. She is also showing a lot more interest in having stories read to her and is constantly with a book in her hand asking for a “ssss….” (story?)

She has joined her sister in art work that we have been doing to show the days of creation and has enjoyed painting though unlike her sister who at this age would paint herself all over, K does not like having mess or paint on her body and loves to wash her hands when she is done.

We count things with K all the time and a few days back I left K with some math blocks and came back to watch her moving them around and saying “one, two, something or other for three (she is still not speaking very much), f…, fi, ssss” so she seems to know how to count objects to six even if she cannot say all the words.

K went with me and L to one of L’s friends birthday parties and she had a lot of fun playing with her sister and getting very muddy. She also enjoyed pouring bird seed all over the floor at our homeschool group.

bird seed

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