I decided that since L has been happily digging around in the garden as we move into Spring that we would do a short unit study on earthworms. L had been collecting earthworms in containers and I had been rescuing quite a few of them before they dried out, so thought she needed to learn something about them. We read the book Yucky Worms by Vivian French to start us off and then went out into the garden to find some worms. We have done this a few times, though never tried washing a worm and L was quite excited.

Yucky Wormsearthworm book

She also made a short “book” about earthworms – we first decided what questions about earthworms she wanted to answer and then she dictated the sentences to me in answer to her questions and I used them as copywork for her and she then drew a picture. We did this over a few days.

page 1page 2

Later on we discussed the life cycle of an earthworm and she cut and stuck the various pictures to fit onto a lifecycle sheet. We also discussed what a food chain is and she named the animals in a typical earthworm food chain and then insisted on painting them.

life cutout
life cycle

Finally we did an art project using cooked noodles to paint with as though they were worms. K enjoyed this activity too though the activity was interrupted by a lot of eating of “paintbrushes.” Because this was going to be messy I stuck to just the three primary colours and so we learnt about primary colours too. Our “Art lesson” was then extended to include painting telescopes and anything else they could fine – I should probably get the paint out more often.

primary colours
final picture