We do not really ever have a typical homeschooling day here. I try to have some sort of routine, but am also working two mornings a week most weeks which means we just do what we can when we can. Nonetheless I thought I would like to document at least one day and write about it.

K slept reasonably last night only waking us about three times in the night (there have been nights she has woken 7 times before 3am!) L joined us in bed around 07:00 and I got up around 07:15 because DH was complaining that L would not let him sleep.

08:20 DH leaves for work. This is later than he should leave but it seems to vary a lot. I let him out, K waves goodbye and blows him a kiss. L also says goodbye. I make us some breakfast and we eat it and then do mailboxclub. I then get K and L to help with feeding the fish and the dogs before dressing everyone and having a quick shower myself.


09:00 L does some reading in her bedroom – she is not as independent as the photos make it seem and I usually sit next to her and help with unfamiliar words and also read every second page to her. L then does Horizons Math and K scribbles on a piece of paper.

Unfortunately K’s scribbles are more interesting than Horizons Math today so Math takes a bit longer than it should.

09:30 The girls go swimming. We are busy refilling our swimming pool for the start of spring. L wants me to swim with her, but the water is really freezing and actually hurts when you get in it. K stays on the steps, but L gets in quite deep though walks around rather than swimming. K enjoys playing with the balls and is quite a princess ordering her sister to fetch the balls whenever they are in the water. Luckily L is happy to oblige. We dry off on the grass outside and get warm again.


10:30 Snack time. K comes and helps me get some food and L plays outside and swings on her swing.

snack time

10:45 K does Little Reader – the photos are just there for blogging purposes as Little Reader is actually always done with K on my lap.


11:00 L does a page of her grammar workbook before both girls go and play some more outside. I send them on a verbal treasure hunt to collect certain items – this is more a vocabulary lesson for K and a lesson for L in helping her sister and doing something for someone else (she would have preferred a written treasure hunt with proper treasure)


11:30 I make lunch for K and a snack for L. L does Singapore Math – we are moving into the section on addition and subtraction of numbers up to 20 and she wants to do her own thing so I have to direct her to follow instructions.

L was playing “touch the line” – she never raises her hand except to grab the line above her head šŸ™‚

12:00 I put K down for a nap and have some time on the computer checking emails and other sites. L gets a bit frustrated at having to entertain herself – I offer to read her a book but she wants to play active games outside and I remind her that this period around lunch time is usually a quiet time for all of us. She goes away to swing on her swing some more.


13:00 L does spelling – basically she dictates a sentence and then writes it down with me helping with any spelling rules she does not yet know. I also let her choose certain endings as she has not yet memorised these but does recognise them (eg -ing, -sh, -th, -ch) She did very well today and I was very happy with her writing. We then went outside and looked at the children’s atlas and discussed and named the continents til K woke up from her nap.


13:30 Give K a few cuddles and then they both get back into the swimming pool which is now a lot deeper than it was this morning. It is also colder now and the water is still very cold so I don’t let them stay in very long.


14:00 Take K inside and change her while saying some nursery rhymes. She gets a bit cranky a short while later. Later we do har flashcards and say some more nursery rhymes.

not so happy
The happiness changed rather rapidly, but luckily being unhappy didn’t last long.

14:45 Handwriting with L – she is not happy and has been having quite an attitude this afternoon. Eventually I give her a juice and tell her to stay in her room til she has drunk it. Her mood improves measurably after eating and drinking something but this is because she has not been eating well today at meal times. The girls and I play with modelling clay for quite a while.



15:30 We make popcorn and have some juice. My cellphone battery is now almost dead from taking too many photos so I plug it in to charge. I read a book with K and teach her colours using her sister’s hairclips that she is playing with.


16:15 L puts on some TV and I start cleaning the house. K alternates between wandering around behind me and watching TV with L. I get both L and K to help clean up the toys in the lounge when I get there. K learns how to scramble up onto our dinigroom table and this has me a bit worried as it is a lot harder for her to get off than it is to get on, but she does manage. She emptys a box of tissues all over the floor.

17:30 Start cooking supper. Dh comes home around 18:00 and we bath the girls while the supper cooks and then have family supper before watching a TV programme together.

19:30 Get L to read the last chapter of her reading book to me and then read aloud a chapter of a new book to her before putting her to bed.

20:30 Get K to bed – I hope she will stay asleep most of tonight, but who knows?

And that was our day. As I said before, no day is really typical, though there are certain things we always try to accomplish. Tuesday is generally our stay-at-home day which is why I tried to capture it. Perhaps I will try to do another of these posts someday soon.

funny faces
Now where did these faces come from?