Its been a really long time since I last posted here – its clear I cannot keep up with multiple posting every week and even once a week is too much so whoever is reading this will have to put up with whatever I get around to.

My girls are growing so fast. Kirima is now 17 months old – she is running around everywhere and communicating a lot though using few words. Laurana does a fair amount of talking for her – after listening to Kirima yell Mum, mum, mum, mum this morning I got told by Laurana exactly what it was she was asking for and Laurana was right, however that is not going to help Kirima talk. Despite this though we are getting some words out of her and she understands almost all of what we say.


Kirima has been going through Little Reader almost daily and is nearly finished the first semester. I have also been teaching her the phonetic alphabet. I have started reading her more single word books and she has shown a lot of interest in picture books and will point to whatever we ask her to point to. She is still listening in on anything I read to Laurana though whether she is taking anything in from that I have no idea.


She loves swinging on the swing outside, has spent a lot of time scribbling – I have to bring out paper for her every time I want to do anything that involves paper with Laurana – is helping us dress and undress herself. She likes to clean up so if we are baking then she usually lands up helping to clean up as she’s not quite old enough for breaking eggs or dumping flour (ok she can do that, but I am not so keen on the mess – I do let her pour a few things in though and she put some smarties on some cookies this week. She also likes driving her car and Laurana takes her on the toy motorbike with her which I am not so sure is very safe though they have never had an accident.


I really like this age that Kirima is at – she’s discovering so many things and loves it when we point new things out to her. Today it snowed and while she has no idea how unusual that is around here, she did pick up on her sister’s enthusiasm and had fun running around in it. She’s getting more active and has had a lot of fun at the Urban Market playing on the equipment. She’s slightly more independent about it than her sister was and more willing to try things by herself before she asks for help.


Laurana has also developed a lot lately. She’s grown quite a bit and her conversations with us have developed a lot. I am really enjoying some of the conversations we are having about Christianity with her – she has a very good understanding of many of the central themes of Christianity – today she even tried explaining the trinity to me at bath time though it has been months since I discussed that with her. She has a very good memory about a lot of the things we have touched on in homeschooling – particularly the scientific things and its always nice to hear her explain things to me that I haven’t read or discussed with her for months.



Her reading is going very well. She has fewer issues with fluency though that can still improve. We are reading The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl together at the moment and she reads it with ease though I still have to place a piece of paper under the line she is reading as most of the time she is jumping up and down on the bed inbetween her turns and cannot keep her own place that way, but I no longer have to point to the word she is on as she can skim the line and find her place.

can't sit still
Laurana can’t sit still when reading or when playing which is why its hard to get a non-fussy photo!

We are half a worksheet short of finishing Book 1 of Horizons K and she has learnt a lot and is a lot more confident often handling the entire worksheet with almost no assistance. I plan to do MEP with her after she finishes the first Horizons Book and then come back to book 2 at a later stage. She is starting to get many of the addition facts into her head – so far she knows how to add 0 and 1 without a problem and can also do most of the doubles, can add a single digit number to ten without a problem and knows a fair mumber of the other facts too but we will continue to work on those as we move on.

An extra graphing activity we did near the beginning of winter

She is getting more confident with her handwriting and is forming all letters correctly now. We do copywork daily though lately she is narrating a sentence to me and then I write it down for her to copy – this has taken the form of journalling for her so today’s sentence was: It was snowing today! I did have her writing yes and no on the table she sits at the other day in defiance about something – she spelt them both correctly so I wasn’t too bothered 🙂 She also likes to paint big pictures and then label them – we have done a tree and bird one and she keeps asking to do more.


Recently we went to Mozambique where Kirima learnt a lot of things – she ate at the table with the big girls and did very well. She was unfortunately quite sick one night which kept us awake til 04:30 in the morning and made us go through numerous changes of bedding but she recovered very quickly. Laurana loved being in Mozambique – she got to play outside on the street and find lots of treasures, went to a very strange zoo, loved seeing the puppies her aunt’s dog had given birth to just before we arrived and she and her cousin had a lot of fun playing together. She did tell me that it takes a long time for the lights to come back on when the electricity fails in Mozambique because “You have to go and buy your own electricity! They don’t just turn it back on.”


Laurana loved the snow today and ran around wildly in it – she seems to have a very high body temperature as she does not like to be dressed warmly so I was very glad to see she had shoes on today though they didn’t stay on after we came inside. She told me she wants snow everyday and preferably not as light as she wants to build a snowman!

While I am sure I have left endless amounts out from this post, I will have to stop here. Hopefully I will post again in the near future.