K seems to be growing up so fast – I really should be posting more than I do. Her speech is slowly developing and she is answering yes/no questions by nodding her shaking her head rather violently. She loves pulling L’s clothes out her cupboard and climbing into her toy box and physically she is getting more and more active.


Running with her sister.


Having fun on the swings

She does Little Reader usually once a day and joins L for any hands on activities – anything else she grabs whatever she can and runs off with it or tries to scribble with anything she can write with.

She is still showing a lot if interest in books and is starting to recognise quite a few pictures in the books she looks at and will point to them.

Today we looked at all the autumn leaves and the children sat in a huge pile of leaves we have in the back garden. K seemed to like playing in them.

Pile of leaves

She likes to copy her big sister in almost anything which makes getting her to brush her teeth much easier but she also wants to use adult forks and of course koki pens are far more exciting than crayons.

big fork
copying L

Painting her own turtle.

K hears more counting than L did at this age because I often use the swinging time to count to L – we do skip counting and couting to big numbers so it is natural to count to K also. Here she is on the staors counting biscuits (which did not get eaten!)

counting biscuits


More math – playing with dominos

farewell wave

A farewell wave from K.