I have been working more than usual lately and so homeschooling has had to go on in a more limited fashion. L’s reading is coming on nicely – she finished book 10a of the Ladybird Keyword reading series and has since read Peter’s Good Idea which was a shortish story with more challenging vocabulary. She still needs some help with sounding out new words though if expected to do it she almost always gets it right – I think it is just a case of practice now. She seems to remember any word she sees only once however so I will have to keep giving her new words for her to practice sounding them out.

We have been continuing to read the Usborne Children’s Encyclopedia and have covered a variety of animal groups. We made a picture of a turtle with sand and leaves to imitate the shell and scaly skin. Doing this with an enthusiastic one year old however was quite a challenge.

L's turtle
L’s turtle
helping sister
Helping her sister finish her own turtle

I have been reading a large number of chapter books to L since getting a card at a much better library than the one closest to us – its a long trip out there to get books but every time I do get there I am so glad I went. She is enjoying Dick King-Smith’s books at the moment and luckily he writes enough that it will take some time to get through them. She is also enjoying Ramona stories (Beverley Cleary) and enjoyed watching the Ramona and Beezus movie too.

We have not done much writing recently as I need to organise some copywork for her and decide where to go from here – she seems to need more exciting sentences than we have been doing and also seems to want them related to exciting reading sections which means more work for me. I will have to make some decisions about this in the near future.

Maths has also been a bit of a concern for me lately. She is resisting Horizons a bit and seems distractable so I put that on hold. We moved forward with MEP but lately it seems too easy for her as they are drilling early addition facts and she knows them and does not even seem to need to think to answer them anymore so I need to decide what to do about maths too. I may return to Singapore for a while as we started a new section and she seemed more interested in that. I also think she just needs a bit of a change in presentation to get her interested.

Other than that we have been having fun just playing around – getting outside a lot more now that the weather is a little cooler, playing plenty of pretend games and having endless tea parties. L has a wonderful imagination and loves putting on plays and making up games – I think she just wishes her mother and sister would oblige her more and do as she says.

digging for rocks
Digging up stones
One of many pretend games with soft toys