My camera is working again and I have been taking a few photos after a long rest – I found it was disturbing our time together so I am trying to find a better balance now but I have a feeling I will never quite get a true balance. So here is an update on K in the last two months.

Physical Development:
K is walking well and very quickly and attempting to run. She climbs on chairs, rides motorbikes and likes swinging on both our swings (not just the baby one). She is enjoying climbing on jungle gyms and had a wonderful time at Wyndford keeping me on my toes by trying to climb high jungle gyms by herself and prevent me from catching her. She was too scared of the horses for me to get her on one even for a quick photo and shoved the bunnies out the way when the sniffed at her, but she loves cats even though one of our house cats scratches her if K tries to pat her. She loves playing peek-a-boo and finding items we hide under blankets or anything else for her to find.




K is still not happy when I leave her with anyone though she does eventually settle down. She knows the routine in our house and yells “Dadda” when she hears the gate opening in the evening. She always comes running to greet me when I get home from work the days I am out. She was enjoying Moms and Tots group activities more recently though that is closed until schools start again in the next week or two. She is also starting to notice babies and children more now and is fascinated watching them. She watches more than touches though and is very visual (even if you show her an ordinary item she will observe it well first before touching it which is quite unlike her sister.)

K is understanding almost everything we say now. She will fetch things for me when I ask, points to things to get them and looks at whatever it is we are talking about. She is saying very few words though I have heard “kitty,” “hello,” “mama” and “dadda” and she is making animal noises a lot lately. She is starting to realise that the pictures in books are referring to real objects and if she sees a picture of an animal she will make the sound the animal makes, but she does get more excited seeing the real thing of course. The other night she woke at 03:00am and insisted there was a light on outside the curtain in the neighbours house. It took some persuading to get her back to sleep again! We are still using Little Reader with her though not as regularly as I would like. She likes word flash cards even more than her sister did and gets very excited when it is a word she understands. I showed her the word “tummy” the other night and she lifted her shirt and rubbed her tummy though this is a word I have seldom said around her. She is showing increased interest in stories now and will listen to most of a book now (though often she gets distracted bringing me the next one before the first is finished) – she is always around when I read to L so is hearing a lot of stories second hand too.



Fine motor:
K has quite good motor control. She loves to draw and whenever I am working with L she gets herself busy taking lids off kokis and drawing on her own paper (and often on L’s paper which frustrates her sister).


K is around for every activity I do with L so I try to include her when possible and she loves the outdoor activities. Since L learns to count in 10s while being pushed on the swing often, I usually count in 1s for K beforehand – she’ll probably learn them both simultaneously that way. We do have quite a lot of fights since K is so into everything and L wants her things to be left alone, but mostly it works out alright and I can give K her own activities to a certain extent. K likes animals though not as much as her sister did at the same age but will spend time outside patting them during “school time.” She is also enjoying outings more now and had a lovely time at Irene Dairy Farm recently – she was thoroughly interested in the calves and didn’t want to leave.

touching barktrees
Learning about trees with L



climb in
I’d climb in with the cows if I could.

Favourite activities:
K is still unpacking everything all the time – any cupboard or bookshelf is easy pickings for her. She is actually very good about packing away however provided someone is there helping her. Helping with anything is still fun be it mopping or sweeping the floor or washing the car! And playing peek-a-boo or running away when Mom says 1-2-3 is always fun.


washing car



Tot School