I did not take any photos this last week so you will have to excuse the photoless post and because of this I decided just to post a weekly wrap up for both my girls.

This week I spent reading many books to L because we had a few arrive in the post and of course neither of us wanted to wait to read them. We read: The Runaway Pancake, Androcles and the Lion, Rumpelstiltskin, Stories of Dogs, Hill of Fire, The Chalkbox Kid, East of the Sun west of the Moon, Nate the Great, Sarah’s Story, This is my Book, Owl Babies and many more that I cannot remember now without raiding her room while she is sleeping and I would rather let her sleep!

L herself read a lot of The Runaway Pancake and Androcles and the Lion as well as reading more of The Beginner’s Bible. We continued with phonics though I have taught her some phonics that we have yet to reach in the book I am using simply because she was starting to ask to spell words that used rules she has not come to yet. So she covered the long O sound (we must still do OE, but we did OW and OA), the AR sound and OY and OI.

For Math we took a break from Singapore and started MEP Level 1. She has had no problem with this so far, but I will probably take it slowly and alternate with Singapore 1a. She has also showed more interest in counting to 100 now and also in recognising bigger numbers – if I call a number on the 100 chart she can usually find it, but does struggle to read some of the higher numbers herself. She found a huge snakes and ladders game I had forgotten we had and played with the numbers on there so I may take it out again at some stage while she is still learning the numerals.

We continued with some writing from book 2c of Ladybird Key Words, but towards the end of the week I also got her to write with her whole arm – apparently this helps children write more fluently later and with L being so hands on she actually enjoyed this more than having a pencil in her hand.

L and I have been reading The Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia in the evenings doing a page or two a day and she enjoys this. We discussed planet earth and night and day recently and she spent the time spinning balls in the light from her bedroom bulb.

K has given up on walking for now and will stand for ages but will no longer take anymore steps though she was taking quite a few earlier. I guess she just wants to do things in her own time. She had fun putting bottle caps into different containers this week. She is showing more interest in books and listening to stories again now and loves paging through books. She also appears to be understanding more now and will respond to a few commands (some of the time). L was away at her Nana’s house til Tuesday this week and K missed her – in fact they both missed each other quite a lot.