K is 11.5 months old.
Tot School

K has not really wanted to play much with toys this week – she is taking her first steps and getting better everyday so doesn’t have time to sit still and play. Most of her week she spent opening every cupboard she could manage to open and emptying the contents onto the floor – now if only I could teach her to pack it all back up again. I have still not been able to get any pictures or video of her walking though – she is not using the cart as much anymore as she was but its the only photo I have.

walking with walker

She enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror quite often and we are still working on body part vocabulary so this worked well for her. I have also stuck up two reading cards “eyes” and “foot” and whenever we pass them I read them to her and point to those parts of her body – she loves it and is most disappointed if I walk past without showing her.


She found a bottle in a cupboard this week and while she only ever uses sippy cups she showed a lot of interest in this bottle so I cleaned it out and put some water in it for her and she played with it for quite some time – she did eventually drink from it, but also spent a lot of time letting the water splash around in it.


I put her blocks into a small bag and she had a lot of fun taking them out of the bag and building small towers with them. She is starting to get frustrated though when she tries to stack three and the whole tower falls down – then she throws the blocks behind her in disgust.

blocks in bag

The Moms and Tots group I take both girls to on Fridays has suddenly got far more babies than toddelrs in it, so they are trying to set up safe places for the babies and activities for them to do during the toddler craft and exercise time. K enjoyed being there and was quite happy spending her time looking in mirrors and looking at books.

With group