Last week L and I had a few fights about school and just life in general and so I decided this week to step back a bit and let her have some fun. We would still continue with phonics and reading daily and do writing and math at least a few days this week. The rest of what we did would be up to L with a few suggestions from Mom if she needed any – she didn’t.

So this week she asked to do a treasure hunt so I made some clues for her and made a treasure chest of an ice cream box with a few edibles in it and some toys. Despite me using fairly difficult words in the clues on purpose to stretch her reading and phonics she insisted on doing it independently and found the treasure all by herself. She also decided to make some puppets out of straws and cut out color in pages and put on a puppet show for me and K.


She did quite a bit of swimming this week and we also did exercises in the garden and played with her sister in the sandpit at the church. She asked to have a few tea parties and played quite a few computer games. She also spent some time typing to her Dad on Skype while he was at work – also totally independently and she is now trying to spell some words so that she can type more than just a string of letters to him. Later in the week she was asking me to spell certain words for her on google so she could find games to play on the computer – I will definitely have to keep a close watch on the computer now and what she is getting into.


She wanted to go shopping a few times so we went out to buy K a birthday present. She also wanted to dress up as a unicorn and was quite insistent about what needed to be done to make a costume – she wanted to paint a costume and use a particular toy of hers as a horn. She was even quite insistent about where the paper must be left to dry.

She built houses for her soft toys to sleep in, told me which books she wanted read to her and told me she wanted to do some schooling about Pirates – the day after she told me this I found the Jake and the Neverland Pirate printables on and she was so happy with these and spent some time playing a memory game as well as writing all the characters names with some help from her Mom. She also enjoyed painting some of the sheets before we cut them out.


We carried on with Singapore Math this week. We are also using Book 1c of Ladybird for writing and also early grammar – we used flashcards to work out sentence order, wrote out the missing words (she is not ready to write long pieces as she is still learning her letters so I stick to one word at a time) For reading she has started reading The Beginner’s Bible and we do one story a day. I am reading the book to her first so we are about 10 or more stories ahead of where she is reading and this also gives her some confidence. In phonics we covered the long E sound (EE, EA and IE) and started the long I sound (IE and Y)

Today she asked to learn some Afrikaans so I took out some Afrikaans flashcards made for babies and showed her the numbers 1-10 – I will see whether she remains interested in learning it or not as she does have some Afrikaans friends and it would help her if she knew how to speak it a little.

L I think also needed to be little a bit this week – K is starting to walk and we have all been excited about this and today L asked me to pretend that she was doing all sorts of things for the first time too – wanting I imagine her Mom’s excitement. I told her about all the things she had done that I was proud of, but did play her pretend game with her. She also wanted to pretend that she was a baby a bit, so I let her do this too. After doing that she also wanted to pretend to be K’s mother – so here is a photo of her looking after her “baby.”