K is 11.5 months old.
Tot School

When L was small I spoke to her all the time but with K I find I am still talking to L more and K is hearing far more speech directed to other people. Right now her own understanding of words is growing rapidly and I feel like she needs me to speak to her about what she is doing and label everything, so I have been using tot school for that – a time to herself to have everything commented on. I did not get too many pictures of what we have been doing though as most of this labelling occurred when I carried her around the house.

We are still reading a lot of books, anywhere and everywhere.


And K has taken to unpacking the bookcase every evening when I am putting L to bed.

She enjoyed exploring the very green slide at a children’s play area this week. L even took her down the slide on her lap but she wasn’t so happy with that.


We introduced counting to three and the colour blue (and all sorts of other numbers and colours too) K thought it was all very tasty.


She is now managing to stack two blocks whether they are foam or plastic or wooden.


She really enjoys the sand in the sandpit at church and will play there for long periods.


And a happy smile just for fun!