This week our theme was the five senses. We used a day per sense and read the books The Flip Flap Body Book and Sesame Street’s The Five Senses.


For sight I told L that our pupils dilate in the dark and constrict in the light so we cuddled up under our duvet for a short while and then shone a lamp into our eyes (well mostly mine so that she could see what happened) We then went outside and placed some items on the lawn then blindfolded L and she had to follow directions to reach the items. This activity was actually more involved than I had realised for a four year old but she enjoyed it and managed not to trip over anything. We also selected a few items for her to identify by touch alone and then discovered that things like colours can only be recognised by sight. (I gave her two berries and asked her to give me the orange one when blindfolded and not the green one) Finally we wrote L’s name in braille by pushing toothpicks through a piece of paper.

Hiding under the duvet to dilate her pupils.

For hearing I made her put her ear to the floor and then she had to listen for someone walking nearby. We also did a lot of water play using items to see if water can change the sounds heard. We spoke about what it would be like to be deaf and blocked our ears to see if we could still hear K.

water music
Blowing through a pool pipe to make bubbles – our pool had unfortunately turned green after a storm the night before. She had to blow really hard to make the bubbles!

For the sense of smell we smelt things and classified them according to what smelt good and bad – we tried vinegar, deoderant, sweets and chocolate. We also spoke about how certain smells can warn us of danger such as rotten eggs or the smell of fire. We also baked cupcakes and discussed how our sense of smell helps us to taste things better.

For taste we tasted things and discussed sweet, sour, salty and bitter tastes and which we liked best. We also discussed where on our tongues we could taste each best.

For touch we discussed and felt all sorts of objects and it was quite a lesson in vocabulary and opposites. We also discussed how some skin on our bodies is more sensitive than other parts and also that we have skin over our whole bodies that helps us to feel.

Hugging a relatively smooth pole.

I received some of the book c’s of Ladybird Key Words and started using them for writing with her. I also read about a way to teach writing which seems to suit my daughter more at this stage of her development than tracing words as she has not been learning letter formation as well as I would like. So today we started showing her only how to form letters and she did it herself leading to more independence and more accurate formation of the letters – she also listened better possibly because there were no dots to quickly trace. We used the words out of book 1c as this book if used correctly can also be used to teach spelling and comprehension. Because the book is very easy for her to read she is going very rapidly through it and I am concentrating on the new aspects with her.

Her reading is moving along nicely and she read a lot of Frog and Toad are friends this week. She is gaining in confidence and fluency and is enjoying our reading sessions. She also still enjoys Starfall so did a bit of revision on there. In phonics we have finished covering the Long A sound in all its forms (A-E, AI, AY, and the less common forms EA, EI and EY which we skimmed over) We did very little math this week though I allowed her to play the trial version of K5learning and she did do quite a lot of addition on there.

She did some swimming this week and enjoyed dancing to music as well as trying out various gymnastics moves outside. She also insisted I help her wheelbarrow down the hill in the garden more than once. We also played catch with a slightly smaller ball than we had been using last week and she did well with the switch.