K is 11 months old now.
Tot School

This week we concentrated on body parts. She loved playing with dolls – especially those with moveable eyes and will sit and play with the eyes for long periods of time.

dolls eyes

She enjoyed looking at books and also putting them on her head!

book on head

She is also paying a lot of attention to our cat who fortunately is very patient with children and babies so we taught her a few of a cats body parts too.

cat body

What with books on her head and phones in her mouth there was plenty of opportunity to teach her about her body parts.

phone in mouth

Other things she did included playing with duplo which I put in a big box – she had to work to get it out until I tipped the box slightly.

duplo in box

This car toy is L’s – you put it together using a book which has various instructions that vary in difficulty, but the pieces are a nice size to play with even for a baby so we let K play with it too – she has also tried stacking the L shaped blocks successfully.

with toy car