K is now almost 11 months old.
Tot School

Because I was working the last week I have very few photos of what K has been up to. She does seem to be getting over the separation anxiety she has had for such a long time as I can leave her now to go to another room without her crying and she also had few tears when I left her with her Nana each day.

We did a little tot school. This snail was a present for Christmas and she has enjoyed playing with it and exploring it.


The coffee can is great for hiding things into – K nearly put her whole head in the can though to see what was in there. We put both big and small items in the can that she could take out and put back in.

coffee can
coffee things

K also got her first introduction to bubbles this week. She wasn’t terribly interested the first time but when her sister played with her she giggled and got more excited.


We have started to teach her body parts and have been reading her some books on body parts: My Body and The Eye Book being two of them. Since I am also working some of this coming week I will probably continue the body parts theme and try to do some fun activities with it.

Physically K is getting closer to walking now and will walk with me just holding one of her hands. She is also standing up much better.