I was working this week and found it tough to leave my children and not have the time with them that I am used to. I also did not get many photos of them this week because of this.

My moments to remember therefore involve coming home and seeing my baby girl give me a huge smile and a big cuddle and my big girl cuddling up next to me to tell me what she had done each day. On one particular day K happened to be crawling past the front door as I came home and she couldn’t believe her luck to see her Mom had arrived.

Another special moment was when my husband decided to bring the lunch I had forgotten to work and brought my two girls with him. Firstly it was a nice surprise to see them and secondly L was so excited to see the animals at the practice and see where Mom was working and K was just happy to have some time with her Mom – she was a bit bemused that her Mom was suddenly there too.