This week I was working full time the entire week which meant that my children were being babysat by my mother-in-law. I work a morning shift then have a long lunch break during which I went home to be with the children and then a late afternoon shift. It does make for very long days and so very little homeschooling gets done.

I didn’t plan anything for this week because I knew it would be hard to stick to any plans. Most learning took place incidentally although I did try to keep up with the reading and do a little maths too.

She made a foam princess castle with her Nana. We also spent time playing catch with her as I have not done many ball skills with her – we will probably work on this quite a bit in the weeks to come as she enjoys doing it.

ball play

I read her the book Who flung dung! and she saw a picture of a vulture eating an eye (this doesn’t sound good for promoting a children’s book, but she loves this book) so she asked me if eyes really looked like that so I explained that an eye is like a ball in your head attached to nerves and blood vessels and she also learnt about the iris and pupil while we looked into each others eyes. While she knows about many internal organs I am not sure she had ever considered the eye as a 3D structure and was quite fascinated.

For reading she read a little of The Spider in the Kitchen and also read The Three Wishes. We have been revising the silent E rule and will continue to do that all next week too.

For Math I did a bit of Singapore 1a with her. The photo shows how we used pencils to work on bonds.

math bonds

We have started doing Sketch Tuesday with her and she enjoys it a lot – she is rather hasty with the actual drawing but loves thinking up ideas of what to draw. This weeks theme was to draw something with a barcode so I had to explain to her what a barcode was and what type of products have barcodes. We did go hunting around for some items with barcodes too.

She swam a fair amount this week and played in the garden with her Nana going for quite a few walks with her sister. She also played dress up though she had a hard time sticking to the character she was dressed up as and the princess quickly became both a lion and a puppy. It was quite a relaxing week for her and she enjoyed the attention of someone different looking after her.