K is 10.5 months old now.
Tot School

K’s getting her two front teeth – its a bit late for Christmas (all she wanted for Christmas were her two front teeth), but I finally saw that they had broken through yesterday so now she has four. She also said her first word this week and it was “hello.” I’m not sure she’s even saying Mama and Dada discriminately yet, so I was a bit surprised to hear hello first.

We had a lovely hot week with not too much rain so I tried to get K outside quite a bit. She played with her puzzle outside and I also gave her some leaves, branches and flowers to look at and feel – had to keep a close eye out that she didn’t eat them though. She’s still too small to fit on the motorbike but loves standing next to it even though its a bit wobbly – she’s definitely more stable on her feet now.


Inside she enjoyed playing with L’s “oven” – I would put different toys inside it for her and she loved opening it and pulling out whatever was inside.


We also played a lot with blocks this week and she is starting to try to stack them though she doesn’t have the coordination for it yet – but she loves toppling any towers I build her.

block tower

She and her sister played musical instruments fairly often this week – K loves banging those rattles around.

musical instruments

Since she likes getting into cupboards I filled the drawer of her compactum with toys and let her pull those out too.

drawer toys

My husband set up the tent this week and the girls also had a fun time crawling around in it. We want to take them camping some time though haven’t made any plans yet.


K’s slowly reaching toddlerhood and wants to be a big girl. I took her to a restaurant with her older sister and she spent the time staring at L and watching everything she was doing – she wanted to colour in like her even though she only seems to know how to eat crayons and she climbed the indoor slide to be with her too. I don’t think it’ll be long before we have a toddler on our hands.