The school year here starts in about two weeks time. L should be at home with me all year unless my work situation changes, but that is unlikely right now. So I have been trying to decide what our goals are for this year and what materials we are going to use.

I will be using my own curriculum for her and will be using a theme approah changing themes weekly and possibly more often than this. I do not want too rigid a plan as I find I get stressed if we are getting behind or not doing everything and also that both my and L’s moods and energy levels go up and down so much that having a big plan for a day in the future is highly likely not to work if one of us is tired.

Having said that though I still believe that some reading, writing and math must take place every school day.

For reading I plan to continue with the phonics I have been doing with her – we are using The Ordinary parents Guide to Teaching Reading as a basis for the phonics though I do not do the book with her and we do not read the stories – I am basically using it for word lists to teach her a particular phonics rule. We will also continue to read together from books I select though I am hoping she will start to read longer portions herself. Finally I may introduce a quiet time where she can read to herself from books she chooses depending how her reading progresses.

For Math we are using Horizon K worksheets and Singapore 1a. I am using them more slowly than recommended because of her age so we supplement with math games on the days when we do not use the workbooks/worksheets.

For writing I will continue to teach her letter formation and do Read and Write the room. She is still using dots when writing letters and I will see how that goes and decide whether to get her to form her own letters – though I suspect that will come by itself at some point.

I would like to do a little Geography and History with her this year in themes as it is something I feel we have been neglecting. The rest of the subjects will be covered in the theme units too. Arts and Crafts will also be incorporated into the themes although I would like her to do Sketch Tuesday also as she seems to be enjoying it at the moment.

And those are our plans for the coming year.

As for K: we will continue with Tot School. Since she will reach toddlerhood soon I suspect that she is going to be learning a tremendous amount this year and I will take it all as it comes trusting that I’ll bring out the right equipment at the right time. As with her sister I will also start teaching sight words once she is a year old.