K is 10.5 months now.
Tot School

We had a quiet week with Tot School this week – K seemed to get on with life napping when she needed to and playing when she wanted to while the rest of us got out of routine and went to bed too late.

Both K and L enjoyed playing with the blocks K had got for Christmas. L made a track for cars and K destroyed it. She also played with the blocks in a large container taking them out and putting them back in.

Blocks and cars

K also played with her first puzzle that she also got for Christmas – she is quite good at taking the pieces out using the pincer grip but doesn’t even try to put them back in.


L got a kitchen set for Christmas and K has had a lot of fun playing with the pots and pans and pulling herself up on the play stove.


And of course K also played a lot with her books when we weren’t reading them to her.


On New Year’s Eve we took the girls to a park where they have a lot of farm animals. K was very excited to be there and we got a lot of smiles out of her.