L’s cousin, H, arrived two days before Christmas and so we stopped doing preschool and just let them play together. I did organise some craft activities for L and H though. One day they made a Father Christmas out of a hard boiled egg for a head with scraps of cotton wool and felt for the hat and beard and then they painted a toilet roll red with black felt for a belt and pipe cleaners for the arms. The other craft we did was to colour paper fully with crayon and then paint black over it and scratch out a picture. L ate hers that night for supper but H did not want to eat hers at all. They also spent some time drawing.


When they decided to draw they did a good job of it.

When we were wrapping Christmas presents I asked Laurana to write people’s names on them – I used dots and she traced them but insisted on not writing Auntie and just stuck to writing first names which worked fine.

Both girls swam most days this past week and got a lot of physical activity running around together and playing plenty of make believe games.

make believe

Make believing I’m a monster but smiling at the same time.

The two days after Christmas we also took off just letting L rest as she has been very tired lately – I even got her to take a nap today because she was so tired which is almost unheard of. Today she and I read Ruby Flew Too! together and did a little phonics. I have decided to start fluency training with her because her reading is progressing fast and she just needs to be able to read more fluently. We are reading a nursery rhyme in the morning to her sister and again at night to her Dad and will see how many days I can use the same nursery rhyme for before changing. I am also trying to get hold of some books she can listen to on CD while following the words with her finger – so far we have done this with The Tiger who came to tea. I did have to help her as we had never done this before.

We also played with play doh and other Christmas presents today and generally had a quiet day.

I have been trying to sort out her toys a bit and plan a little for next year – the year starts with me working full days for a while in January which will also mean that preschool will be somewhat on hold while I am working. My main plan right now is to get L sleeping better and get back into some kind of a routine after the holiday period.

There was a lot of fun (and funny faces) in our house this week.

Funny faces