(K is 10.5 months old)
Tot School

K spent some time playing with a container of water outside – the weather was really hot so getting soaked was perfectly fine. She loves to splash in the water and tip it out so the activity could not last too long as I didn’t want to keep filling the container with water!


She played with her sister’s dog toys and so I told her a little about them.

toy dog

An activity that lasted a fair amount of time for her was removing the ball from the cup – the ball fits the cup so that she cannot get it out with her fingers, but it does slide out easily when she tips the cup – it didn’t take her too long to figure out that she could get it out by tipping the cup or even by just knocking the cup over.


K played with the duplo blocks and bowl again this week and is getting more confident at putting them in and taking them out of the bowl.


She also spent some time playing with her musical toy – she is keen on music and likes this toy quite a bit.


Because it was the week before Christmas I gave her some Christmas ornaments to play with – I think she enjoyed the different textures.


A container with just pegs in it to remove and put back was also one of her favourite activities.


K is enjoying walking holding our hands so I took some photos of her sister helping her to walk. She also spent some time outside with our dog – he is pretty patient with her and likes to bring his ball or whatever else he wants us to throw for him to K – I think he’s ever hopeful she will throw it for him. I also let her play with some old creepy pipes as she likes the rough texture of them and even tried to pick them up above her head.


This tractor toy also held her attention for some time and she has learnt to push it around quite well.

train toy

Here are the girls and their cousin on Christmas morning. And K at the time we were to open the presents.