Tot School

K is 10 months old so I decided to start Tot School with her. We have been doing some activities with her up til now and she joins L in many of her activities too but I need that time with her when I can really concentrate on what she is doing and play with her. In the process I am having to teach L to give K a chance to play and not keep stealing her toys from her, though L does a good job of trying to teach K all sorts of things – like throwing her unicorn up in the air in the car and telling her that it is gravity that brings it back down to her.

K played with her blocks this week – she is not able to stack them yet but enjoyed chewing them and passing them from hand to hand. She also played with shakers (this needed close supervision as the shakers were made of glass and she was playing in the tiles) – they kept her interest for quite some time.

Today I gave her two colours of duplo blocks and a bowl and she spent her time putting a block in the container and taking it out every now and then getting two blocks in.

She is starting to appreciate books more and loves touch and feel books. She hears most of the stories I read to L but loves having her own story time too.

She is also spending a lot of time splashing in a bucket of water while her sister is swimming and absolutely loves this. Much of tot school can also take place in the bath where today she was showing a great fascination for the plug and the drain.

Finally K has been having a great time playing with a half deflated balloon (another thing that needs very close supervision) She has always been fascinated by balloons and loves playing with them especially when they have rice inside of them to shake.

Her favourite activity for the week however must be pulling the clothes out of her big sister’s cupboard – she has done this almost daily.