Things have been a bit chaotic what with work and getting ready for Christmas so I decided to stick to the basics this week (reading, writing and maths) and not have a theme. I worked on Monday and was also out Wednesday morning but we did manage to stick to the goals for this week.

I used some Christmas printables and games to play with L for Maths as well as doing some worksheets from Horizons – we did not do them everyday however. We are still reading book 6a of Ladybird Key Words and should finish it next week. I did not teach L the new words in the book and she has managed to figure out almost all of them for herself so we will move to reading other books when she has finished this one starting with Little Bear.

For phonics we did the “ph” sound this week and also three consonant starting combinations such as “str”, “spl” and others – I do not believe in teaching these combinations as they are easy to sound out so I just checked that she was able to do it by herself – she didn’t have any problems. Next week I plan on starting with long vowels initially with the silent “e” but I may need to check that Laurana knows the names of the vowels to be able to do this as since she was small I have never directly taught her the names of any of the letters, only their sounds but I do know she has picked up many of the letter names by herself and by using Starfall and also through singing the alphabet song when she was in preschool.

K is 10 months old tomorrow and I have been playing around with starting Tot School with her. I want to spend some time paying her individual attention and she is also starting to enjoy playing with toys and interacting with us. I also want L to learn how to play with K as she very often takes her toys away from her rather than engaging with her. I read K a story at night at her level (she also listens in when I read to L) and she is showing far more interest in books lately – reaching out to feel the touch and feel books and trying to turn the pages. I am hoping once we start Tot School (and get some photos too) to have some seperate posts about K.

With L this week I have read a few of The Magic Tree House books which we managed to get from the library and she is enjoying them a lot. I also took some other chapter books out of the library and she enjoyed these too and seems to have a good attention span for stories that are quite long.

After some success with writing numbers using the Horizons K worksheets I have started teaching L to write the letters – we have done some writing before with traceable worksheets but I didn’t think she was taking it in – I discovered however that she has been learning more than I realised as she is tracing almost all the letters correctly without me telling her how to, so I will move more quickly than I had originally planned and then move to copying words she enjoys rather than just practicing letters. We have done a few Read and Write the Room series and Laurana enjoys this a lot so I may make it a more regular thing to encourage the writing.

While we have done a fair amount of Christmas themed activities both this week and the week before we will probably continue talking about Christmas next week and possibly do a New Years theme the week after.