This week I decided to teach L about basic human needs. She knows the needs of plants and animals so it wasn’t much of a stretch to include human needs to this. On Monday we discussed animal needs and looked at how those needs were met in different habitats – she did a few worksheets from samples at Moving beyond the page about which types of animals lived in which habitats and why they couldn’t live in other habitats. We also discussed that humans can live in most habitats (except the sea as my daughter quickly pointed out) as we eat a variety of foods and can use clothes to keep us warm/cool.

On Tuesday we built shelters and looked at various different human homes as well as speaking about the home we live in. Houses around the world Laurana had a lot of fun playing with the structures we made and seeing how many creatures she could fit inside them.

On Wednesday I was working all morning so there was not much time for homeschooling though we did talk about different food groups and played a game on the computer about the food groups (it was slightly too advanced for Laurana but she did get the idea)Food groups games

Today I decided (at L’s request) to switch to a Christmas theme and we used the 1+1+1=1 preschool Nativity theme (1+1+1=1) printables to do a wide range of activities with her. Her favourite was to search my room for Christmas words bringing them back one by one and then tracing the word – she has a better grasp on writing by tracing than I realised when she is keen. We also did a nativity graph as well as patterning and a memory game with the printables. This morning we set up the Christmas tree and started her advent calender.

We stopped the math worksheets this week for a break and also because L and I had been clashing over them – I will probably only start using them again in a few weeks time due to how busy we are at the moment and the amount of work I am going to be doing soon which will mean less homeschooling. We did however do a fair amount of reading this week continuing with the Ladybird Reader and also doing the “th” and “wh” sounds in phonics.

Next week I will be working every morning til early afternoon and have decided to do Christmas crafts with her in the afternoon to hang on the Christmas tree which we put up today. It will be a much lighter week and we plan on just having fun.