This week our topic was Movement and L did learn a fair amount about it – she knows when gravity is working on an object to cause movement and also what muscles are and how they occur throughout our bodies and help us to move, breathe, eat etc.

We spent most of the week doing fun experiments – so she rode her motorbike down the grass hill, swung on swings, we discussed centrifugal force and had fun swinging buckets filled with water or small items and we put pencils under a heavy book to make it move more easily when we pushed it. We also spoke about forces that push or pull to create movement. Most of the activities we did came from We also spent a lot of time doing physical movement – hopping, jumping, forward rolls, running and generally using up energy in limited space as it was raining so much. We did also touch on plant movement towards the sun and discussed that plants do not move like animals and people but can still move. We also used straw to blow things and to suck things and lift them that way and played games where we could move objects without touching them. L’s favourite game of the week we called “Gravity” and basically just involved me picking her up and dropping her onto a bed!

We continued on with the Horizons K worksheets – L has been up and down all week with the writing sometimes doing a fantastic job and other days being very negative and getting very distracted but in general she is doing well with it and asks to do the worksheets in the mornings.
We also continued reading the Ladybird Book and she is settling into a routine with that.

Our week was less successful than I would have liked because our internet was down all week so we couldn’t look up any extra activities and it rained a lot which meant we were stuck inside a lot which puts everyone on edge.

Some of the things that happened this week included our dog catching a bird – we tried to rescue the bird but it died of shock a short while later. L was very interested so I showed her the bird and the muscles under its wings that are very visible and we briefly talked about how birds fly. She was also fascinated by its legs and feet. And then we made a cross and gave it a proper burial in the front garden.

A book that we used a lot this week was: Richard Scarry’s Busy, busy World. It had very little to do with our theme though we did talk about the different forms of transport in the book, but she enjoyed the stories and kept asking for more.

The other thing that was a battle this week is that L is being 4 years old – some of the work she is doing is not aimed at 4 year olds but she is still 4 and is trying to assert her independence. Usually when this happens we just let things go and resume when things are more under control or when we have addressed the discipline issue, but with all the other frustrations of this week I was not handling things as well and it started to affect the homeschooling too, so I am quite glad now that it is the weekend and we can all take a break.

A few pictures from this week:

K playing in her car chair – she has been climbing, moving and getting into everything this week!

Colouring at Moms and Tots today.

Holding the bird we tried to rescue before it died.

L reading.

Meal time!