L enjoyed the week talking about space and by the end of it was reading all the planet names in order and could recite some facts about each planet. I also looked up Laika, the first dog in space and discussed that trip with her – she was most upset that Laika had died and wanted to know why they would send a dog into space and not bring it back.

We finished her lapbook and read some space words and discussed the phases of the moon and then when she saw the moon this morning she wanted to know what phase it was in. On Thursday we made a rocket out of a toilet roll, 2 sucker sticks and some paper all of which we painted – the dog unfortunately chewed it up before I could get a picture!

We did Maths worksheets on Thursday and Friday but I felt we needed a break from them over the weekend as they seemed to be getting a bit much for her. I will see what we decide next week but if we do them I may have to move them to a different spot in the morning. Despite this though she is counting out objects beyond thirty now and I taught her to group them in tens so we are starting to learn about base 10 – we exchange 10 small bottle tops for one big one.

Friday was our social day – we went to the Moms and Tots group where L played with a friend in the sandpit for ages and then afterwards we went to another friends house where they played with toys and swam in a paddle pool all afternoon. I had to work late afternoon so the children stayed with a sitter for a few hours and then we travelled back home quite late in the evening.