Today I had to go to Home Affairs to collect some documents. K fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep the whole time I was there. L met 3 and 6 year old brothers and had fun playing with them while I talked to their mother – she is homeschooling her 6 year old at the moment so it seems homeschooled children can be met anywhere.

The road back home was blocked cause they were working on the roads so when I took the detour we found a second hand bookstore and went and browsed it for a bit and I found a lovely book about Space just perfect for our theme this week. It is called Big and Busy Space. We read it once we got home.

We also did some more on our lapbook which we should finish tomorrow and later we painted planets by dipping various lids in paint and painting circles on a big sheet of paper.

L had a swim and watched a movie later this evening. We did Maths worksheets as usual this morning and phonics words and we read a page of Ladybird Key Words Book 6a Our friends.

Resting after a busy day.