Yesterday we started a space theme for homeschooling. Mostly we are using the book The Universe (a Childcraft Book) to discuss various issues related to space and we are making a lapbook over the next few days. L likes talking about the planets especially Jupiter. We stuck all the planets into the lapbook – L wrote all the numbers for the planets and then after we stuck them on she arranged the planets in number order. We also did an alphabet dot-to-dot of a star.

Beginning the space lapbook.

Yesterday we spoke mostly about the sun and planets and today we discussed the significance of the sub as well as talking about the moon. We also did an experiment with a torch and ball to show how day and night works and how the earth turns.

Despite doing themes for a week at a time we are still reinforcing the themes we have covered whenever a practical aspect of it comes up in our normal life. So one of our pot plants from last week was left inside in the shade and the flowers went a very pale colour. We moved the pot plant outside to join two more with darker flowers and have been watching to see whether the leaves and flowers will darken (they do appear to be).

This week L has read Ouch! and A monster is coming! In phonics we are doing the “sh” and “ch” sounds. Today when we started the ch sound we also looked up the Cha-cha-cha dance on youtube and L enjoyed trying to dance while saying the “ch” sound.

The Maths curriculum we are using at the moment is Horizons K as well as Singapore 1a – she knows most of the Horizons curriculum already so I am using it to practice the writing of numerals as well as following worksheet instructions and her writing has come on nicely the past week. Once she is writing numerals well I may move to alphabet writing. We also spent this morning playing with Math manipulatives just for fun. In the afternoon we did some painting and some swimming.

L played a lot of pretend games with the manipulatives.

K near the pool today.