We had a busy weekend. I worked Saturday morning while my husband looked after the children and then I took them to a birthday party – it was quite a drive to get there and both children slept in the car. L enjoyed playing with the other children and climbing on the equipment/jungle gyms though she got stuck at the top once and I had to go and rescue her.

On Saturday evening we went to stay at my husband’s parents house to house sit for them. Both K and L stayed up very late – K in particular seems to get very alert and awake when seeing new places. This morning we took them shopping and bought some new clothes and some things for the homeschooling this next week as well as some groceries. Both girls were tired – and while K could sleep, L did get quite grumpy with all the travelling and shopping. We let her swim in the afternoon and that seemed to improve her mood quite a bit. I also pointed out lichen and the large roots of the trees in the garden where we were staying and Laurana picked lichen off the tree for everyone. She also brought enormous bunches of flowers into our bedroom this morning so clearly enjoyed last week’s theme.

Back home we just had supper and a quiet evening together before bathing the girls and putting them to bed. I did get L to read a piece of a short book this afternoon, but stopped when she got tired. She swam again at home so has had plenty of exercise this weekend. K sat on the steps in the pool at my inlaws house and crawled up and down it while L was swimming.

It has been incredibly hot here so we were very glad of the thunderstorm this evening as it has cooled things down slightly.