On Fridays we usually take things a little easier. Laurana does do some phonics and also the Math worksheets but the rest of the day we get out, swim and play games.

We went to a Moms and Tots group this morning where Laurana got to play with some friends. We are busy doing the nativity story so she also made a shepherd to hang on the tree. Kirima played with toys and interacted with the other babies (ok tried to grab one baby’s hat off her head) They spent most of the time climbing on the jungle gym equipment and playing in the sandpit. After the group we went shopping to get some groceries.

After lunch I played some basic games with her that I found here. They are activities that help children to cross the midline and also coordinate both sides of their bodies. Laurana has no trouble with this I found out by doing these activities and she had fun playing the games. The one she enjoyed the most was spraying the shower walls with shaving cream and then drawing in it – we also practised writing some letters and drew a few objects. All the games were simple enough to do with no preparation and it was a change from routine so kept Laurana busy for quite some time.

Shaking two jars (rattles) simultaneously – we also alternated one up and one down.

Jumping over a rope with both feet together both forwards and backwards.

Drawing with shaving cream.

Balancing a blanket on her head and then she had to pick up a bottle without the blanket falling.

We then went to the library and got some books for next week and also just some story books. I read Kirima Baby says Bye-bye today and my husband read to Laurana this evening. When we got home from the library we swam while Kirima slept which gave me more one-on-one time with Laurana in the pool. She swam again with her Dad when he came home as it has been incredibly hot today and then we all watched a bit of TV together this evening.