We are getting into a routine of starting the day with breakfast and then Maths worksheets. We had a fairly quiet morning today and took our time before going for a walk (Laurana rode her bike) around the block picking flowers and leaves all the way. Laurana loves picking flowers and since it is well into summer here now there were plenty available so I didn’t feel bad taking one or two from each neighbour. We then used the flowers to make a large picture which I told Laurana would not last since we didn’t press any of the flowers first but we enjoyed the activity and took a photo instead of keeping the picture. Laurana chose to draw the sky and soil by herself.

I tried to keep both children inside during the middle of the day as it was incredibly hot today and then took Laurana and Kirima swimming later in the afternoon. We all swam again once my husband got home and styaed in costumes as long as possible because of the heat. We baked cupcakes after lunch and Laurana played by herself and with Kirima.

In the afternoon I also read Laurana some of The Enchanted Wood which she is enjoying – we read a chapter per room that got cleaned so that the house would look a bit better too and that way also meant that Laurana cleaned up a little too. For phonics we have been doing the “ng” sound combinations and I plan on revising some of it again tomorrow (ang, ing, ong and ung sounds) before moving on. At the moment I have been concentrating on getting her to write the numbers rather than the alphabet and these are included in her maths worksheets and she has also been colouring in pictures the last three days for fine motor control. I want to look at more pre writing exercises before working on letter formation with her.

Our evening routine involves phonics, reading her a story and then reading Leading Little Ones to God after her bath and before bed. She sometimes decides she wants to play on the android tablet before going to sleep and other times I will give her a short time to read to herself if she wants to before turning out the light.