I prepared a Garden Lapbook for Laurana last night and had planned on doing just half of it today and the rest tomorrow morning but Laurana had other ideas so we did half in the morning and the other half this afternoon. She enjoyed all the sticking and did a bar graph of some of the seeds we had – this was her first time with graphs and she seemed to understand them fine.

Later in the morning I took the girls to a nearby nursery and we bought some potting soil, pots and some plants and then potted them when we got home. Laurana enjoyed this activity and then decided who should keep each pot plant so they got distributed around the house.

We also discussed ecosystems and then I showed her a youtube video of which animals live in each of the main biomes and we looked at the book Ecosystems.

In the afternoon I spent some time playing various songs for Laurana and Kirima. Kirima seems to enjoy music quite a lot and I want to expose both of them to a wide variety of music and songs. She also had a swimming lesson and we finished the lapbook.