We started the day with Laurana asking to do Maths worksheets even before we were out of bed so that is what we did first and then later in the morning we planted carrots.

We had to dig weeds out of the soil first and then add compost as the soil is very bad – just hoping the carrots will grow but I guess only time will tell – they are supposed to be a vegetable that grows well in harsh conditions and dry ground. We did find a few earthworms in the compost (its home grown compost) so I told Laurana how they help to give the plants air by aerating the soil and bringing in useful nutrients. We also picked potatoes that we started growing at the beginning of spring – they were still very small so we should probably leave the next lot longer and top up the conmpost more than we did with the first lot. I did plant more today with Laurana’s help.

We also decided to go and pick flowers which Laurana is very keen on. We counted the number of different colours of flowers we could find in the garden and tried looking for more when Laurana suggested different colours. We also mentioned the names of the flowers we had picked and set them up in an egg carton.

Later in the afternoon we watched some youtube videos on The needs of a Plant and also an Introduction to Photosynthesis which included us breathing in heavily to use up the oxygen the plants created and breathing out heavily to make carbon dioxide for the plants to use. Laurana already has a fairly good understanding that plants need air, sun, water, soil and space to grow.

Then we decided to do some baking and discovered that even baking is a place to talk about plants – we discussed briefly that wheat can be made into flour and used for baking things like cupcakes and bread and that oil comes from plants and that animals that give us milk or eggs eat plants which gives them energy to make the milk and eggs.

During phonics today we did the “ing” and “ong” sounds. Laurana seems to be finding this a bit heavy so we may need to refresh this again a few times though she is managing to sound out the words without much problem. Today she mostly just swam by herself and I did not give her a lesson.

I am also trying to give Kirima some activities to do and find that Laurana enjoys the break into baby play as well so she usually joins us. Today I gave her a pot to bang on and let her play with spoons. She is also doing a lot of walking with us holding her hands and Laurana is encouraging Kirima to climb up stairs so I am trying to teach them both that going down again backwards is the safest option.