We had an interesting weekend which is why I didn’t post – our internet went down on Friday and took two days to come back up and when it did the power was down for the entire Sunday – we got power back for 5 minutes around 19:00 and then it came back properly at 20:00.

Friday I took Laurana and Kirima to a Moms and Tots group at our church where Laurana got some time to socialise with some other children. They have a story time, craft and exercise time and then free play while the mothers have tea and chat. In the afternoon I took them to the library and also shopping which was another interesting experience as I had to try 4 ATMs before finding one that would give me money and even the shop I tried to draw at told me they had no money in their tills. On top of that the shop had no trolleys so I had to carry both the groceries and the baby in my arms at once. I was just grateful that Laurana was well behaved and walked well. The only homeschooling we really did was a few phonics words though we did chat plenty about real life while we were out.

On Saturday I went to a homeschooling expo and saw a lot of good things I could use for Laurana and bought a few second hand books. I took Kirima with me while my husband and Laurana went to a fete. In the afternoon we all swam. On Sunday we went to another expo and afterwards, because the power was out we played games with the girls outside and swam some more and then had a braai in the evening. I had bought a book called Now I am 5 at the homeschool expo and we read quite a bit of it and did many of the activities with Laurana.